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Specs & Maps

System Map

Layout Schematic PDF
Layout Drawing PDF
Drawing is note 100% accurate and require adobe reader to view.

Layout Specs
Scale: HO
Size: Multi Room (Size is always changing)
Theme: Central Pennsylvania Coal Country
Period: 1975 to Present
Style: Point to Point
Height: Varies
Benchwork: Open Grid
Road bed: Vinyl and Cork over plywood, OSB
Track: Atlas Code 100 Flex
Mainline Length: Est. ?
Min. Turnout: No. 4s in yard No. 6s on main Some Handmade
No. of Turnouts: Est. ?
Min. Radius: 22 mainline, 18 Industry
Max. Grade: Shooting for 2.5% to 3%
Scenery: Yet to be determined
Backdrop: 1/8 Masonite
Control: Digitrax Chief (will be updated to Radio)
Operations: 2 to 4 operators with a dispatcher(located in upstaris) using a simplified card system with possible change to computer generated Switchlists or Waybills