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Newberry Yard Reports

Newberry Yard Reports

Newberry yard is located just outside Williamsport, PA roughly 100 miles north from the state capitol, Harrisburg. Newberry played an important role in railroading, catering as home to all three, Pennsylvania, New York Central and the Reading railroads. The yard was turned over to Penn Central and later Conrail in '76. Collectively named the "Williamsport Cluster" by CR, Newberry was sold in August of 1996 to SEDA-COG and now operates under the Lycoming Valley Railroad name.

The following are Yardmaster records from the daily activity in Newberry during the CR reign. The 1979-1989 collection is a day-by-day account of only train symbols and their power while the more recent 1990's collection show train symbols, power, on duty times, special remarks and more. Hopefully in time I can manage to put together the Yardmaster reports with the car department records for a full account of each train. In the meantime, it's interesting to sit back and read of times gone by. Enjoy!

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October 1986
November 1989
May 1990
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July 1990
August 1990
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May 1979
June 1979
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