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7-12-04 CR North Jersey SAA On-Board Work Order System

Effective 6:30 AM July 12, Conrail will begin implementation of an On-Board Work Order System in the_ North Jersey territory. The system uses a wireless On-Board Work Order reporting device (OBWO), whose ONLY purpose is to report industry work. The internal components cannot be modified or used for any other purpose. The device will be used to report industry work in lieu of filling out and faxing paperwork to the Customer Service Center. The OBWO device will be used exclusively, unless the work cannot be reported because the device is inoperative or not available.

Industrial switch crews and other specified crews will have an assigned OBWO device. Each device will be stationed in an appropriate yard office in a "Docking Cradle". While in the cradle, the unit will be communicating with the mainframe computer and will also be charging its internal battery. This battery charge will normally last 13 hours.

Just like any other piece of company property, ALL employees must protect the device as required in NORAC Rule "L". This device must be kept dry. The device should remain in the locomotive cab when out with its assigned crew, especially in inclement weather. The device should be kept in a location where it will not fall and sustain damage while the locomotive is moving (i.e. conductor's grip). Data entries should be performed while inside the locomotive cab.

At the end of the tour of duty, the crew will return the OBWO to the docking cradle. Unauthorized removal of a device from company property is prohibited. Devices must be secured in yard offices. When no employees will be in the yard office, devices will be secured by closing and locking the appropriate office doors. This is the responsibility of the last employee leaving the building.

In application of NORAC Rule 941, the conductor will have the ultimate responsibility for the OBWO device. Conductors must use the OBWO device to report industry work performed. The use of paper work orders is permissible ONLY in the case of a malfunctioning device or when a device is not available. Conductors must accurately and completely enter the data on work completed or not completed at industry sidings. The conductor must enter data in a timely manner. To insure this, the work should be entered as soon as practical after completion of each customer's drill. The Conductor can enter this information while the train is proceeding to the next siding.

Trainers will be on site with specific crews throughout this implementation.

7-4-04 SD80MAC 4105 Confirmation

Andrew King has confirmed that Conrail EMD SD80MAC 4105 (PRR 7203) now wears the new horsehead paint scheme and white brow across the numberboards. He states it went east out of Cresson on July 4th with two other Blue MAC's.

7-1-04 Pemberton Industrial Track

Pemberton Industrial Track MP 12.9 Briggs Road Single Track

Effective Thursday, July 1, 6:01pm new highway grade crossing and automatic highway grade crossing warning devices consisting of flashers in service.

6-24-04 Conrail Institutes New Security Measure

Timetable Special Instruction 1-5 Added

Each employee must carry a company issued picture identification card that properly identifies him as a Conrail employee. Each employee must have that card on his person and ready for immediate display when called upon by any Conrail supervisor, police officer or agent of any customer.

Effective July 1, 2004 and in line with US Homeland Security Department rules, many of our customers will require any Conrail employee to produce a company issued picture identification card to verify his employment and justification for being on their property. Anyone failing to produce a valid company issued ID, will not be allowed into the facility. In addition, Norfolk Southern and CSX police will also be checking employee identification as well. Any employee who does not have company issued picture identification must contact his supervisor to obtain a proper ID. Train and Engine service employees will contact the Trainmaster or Assistant Superintendent.

6-7-04 CSX Repaint

Brian Gessel reports, CR 5575 (CSX 8722) was released from the CSX Huntington paint shops the week of May 17th. CSX 8186, which has been renumbered 2400 is being paired with former CR MT6 1115 (CSX 1013). CSX 8185 is being converted to a slug mother now and will be renumbered 2401, then paired with former CR MT6 1109 (CSX 1009).

5-13-04 CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc.

Conrail Enthusiasts, and Friends,

For those who have been desperately waiting weeks, months and years, the wait is finally over. The CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc is back on the high iron!

Effective today, the Society is working to get back on track. A few positions within the Society's Board Of Directors are vacant including the position of chief Editor.

With the limited presence of Conrail on today's railroading map, the Society will need direction.

Several questions are raised with the resurfacing of the Society. Should we focus on today's operations on the Shared Asset Areas of Conrail, the history of a once great railroad pre '99, all operations on the post '99 Conrail system, etc.

There are literally thousands of stories to be told of this railroad. Finding those people who are willing to set aside some time to help out, write articles, or feature stories will be the hard part.

The opportunity to discover pieces of Conrail some of us never knew should be the focus of the Society's publication, the name of which has yet to be coined however we have some in mind.

Full details of the CONRAIL Historical Society will be announced sometime in the near future after the Board has been filled, a direction established, and comments, questions and suggestions from the railroading / railfanning community have been taken into consideration.

If you are ready and willing to take on an active role in the CRHS, whether it is on the Board, as a photo contributor, freelance writer, or anything, please contact us at the address below. Your input is appreciated!


Kristopher M Klemick
Conrail Enthusiast
Former Conrail Conductor
President, CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc

CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc
407I Beaver Avenue
Enola, PA 17025

CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) IRS recognized Non- Profit Historical Society that has been duly incorporated in PA.

5-13-04 Former CR Units to KCS

Ken Lanovich reports KCS 7019, and 7024 (Former CSX 8682 and 8691, CR 6791 and 6815) have been completed in full KCS paint at NRE Dixmoor. They were inspected by KCS management, scheduled to depart Wednesday the 5th. Interesting they retain their class lights.

5-10-04 B23-7 to Pennsy Supply

BDLX B23-7 #250, which is headed for Annville, PA (Pennsy Supply) sometime in the near future was checked this week. It's blue card shows the unit was former NS #4052, therefore making the unit former Conrail 1959. The unit was outshopped by RMDI in Pittston, PA. Info courtesy of Eric Augatis

4-27-04 Chemical Coast Secondary Rahway Moveable Bridge

For all the latest in operational changes, news releases, accident reports and any other pertinent new news

5-3-04 NS and CSX Urge STB to End 5 Year Oversight

© By CHRISTOPHER DINSMORE, The Virginian-Pilot May 4, 2004

Norfolk Southern Corp. and CSX Corp. on Monday urged the Surface Transportation Board to end its five-year oversight of the railroads’ breakup of Conrail Inc.

After a long takeover battle, the two railroads divided Conrail’s northeastern rail system on June 1, 1999.

In approving the deal, the Surface Transportation Board, which regulates railroads for the federal government, imposed a five-year oversight period to ensure that the division of Conrail created competition and didn’t harm shippers.

The oversight period also provided all interested parties a forum to air concerns about the transaction.

That oversight expires June1, but the STB has the option of extending it. Monday’s hearing in Washington, D.C., was the board’s second on the subject.

“The Conrail transaction has been a success,” David R. Goode, Norfolk Southern’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, testified on Monday. “The history of the past five years shows how the transaction has lived up to the board’s expectations.

“Perhaps most importantly, the transaction resulted in two competitively balanced rail systems serving the eastern United States.

"In addition, of course, the transaction has created vigorous new rail-to-rail competition throughout the former Conrail territory,” he said.

Joining Goode in urging an end to the oversight was Michael Ward, chairman, president and chief executive of CSX, which is based in Jacksonsville, Fla.

“We believe the five-year oversight period that followed the transaction has achieved its objectives,” Ward said. “We are now at a time when additional oversight is unnecessary – and the ordinary authority of the STB is more than sufficient to ensure that the public good continues to be served.”

Several parties – including the state of Pennsylvania, several short-line railroads in the northeast and some customers in what are known as the “shared asset areas” – have asked the STB to extend the oversight period.

Norfolk Southern and CSX agreed to jointly operate – or share – several parts of the former Conrail system around Detroit, Philadelphia and in New Jersey.

Some customers in those areas have complained about not enjoying fruits of the competition that was supposed to be created by the Conrail breakup.

Goode dismissed those concerns. “No party has demonstrated any transactional or other issues that warrant extending the formal oversight period beyond its five-year term,” Goode said.

The STB is taking written comments and responses from the railroads until July and is expected to make a decision on extending the oversight in August, said Rudy Husband, a Norfolk Southern spokesman.

An end to the STB oversight of the Conrail transaction would be largely symbolic.

While it would stop some administrative filings that the railroads have to make with the STB, the board would still have oversight over both railroads, Husband said.

Shippers and others could seek relief for whatever concerns they have with the railroads through the board.

The Conrail acquisition is a success and continued oversight from the Surface Transportation Board is unnecessary, said CSX Corp. Chairman Michael Ward.

"We believe the five-year oversight period that followed the transaction has achieved its objectives," Ward said at a meeting of the STB Monday. "We are now at a time when additional oversight is unnecessary -- and the ordinary authority of the STB is more than sufficient to ensure that the public good continues to be served."

In 1999 CSX and Norfolk Southern began operating portions of the former Conrail system. Ward told the board that since 1999 the company's intermodal traffic is up 11 percent and it has invested more than $800 million in transportation projects.

One example, he said, was the CSX's municipal solid waste business, which has moved solid waste from Northern cities to underused landfills in the South. That business, almost non-existent four years ago, is now worth $100 million annually, Ward said.

Ward and Norfolk Southern Chairman David Goode testified at the STB meeting, which was held to allow shippers and government representatives a chance to discuss the board's oversight.

© 2004 American City Business Journals Inc

5-2-04 SD60M's Painted

Brian Ferrell reported on May 1, 2004 that CR SD60M 5520 (PRR 6774) led the consist of ns train 13G sporting new ns horsehead paint.

JB Kerr reported, Conrail's equivalent of the PIML now ns train 14G, was also powered this day by horsehead repaint SD60M 5527 (PRR 6778) and still Blue 60M 5529 (PRR 6779).

With both now dipped in the new ns scheme, a total of 61 known units now bear the new ns corporate image.

4-27-04 Chemical Coast Secondary Rahway Moveable Bridge

CR SAA South Jersey Chemical Coast Secondary Rahway Moveable Bridge (MP14.5)

Effective 3:01PM Tuesday, April 27, 2004 signals and bridge operation controlled by South Jersey Train Dispatcher. Normal position of bridge is open for movement of river traffic. Trains, engines and track cars must approach CP RH prepared to stop. On arrival, crews will verify that river traffic is clear of bridge and notify Train Dispatcher. Train Dispatcher will initiate bridge closing and display of proper signal indication.

4-23-04 CSX and NS File For Direct Ownership of Conrail Subsidiaries

Washington D.C. -- CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSXT) and Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NSR) today said they have taken a key step in establishing direct ownership and control of the two Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) subsidiaries that contain the Conrail assets they currently separately operate.

CSXT and NSR each have filed a Registration Statement on Form S-4 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that describes an offer to exchange new unsecured debt securities of CSXT and NSR and cash for unsecured debt securities of Conrail. The filings initiate the final stage in implementing the restructuring of Conrail's unsecured indebtedness as described in the parties' joint petition filed June 4, 2003 with the Surface Transportation Board (STB). In connection with the offer to exchange, Conrail is soliciting consents from holders of its unsecured debt securities in order to permit the restructuring. As described in the Registration Statement, Conrail also intends to solicit the consents of certain holders of its equipment trust certificates and pass through trust certificates. The solicitation of these certificate holders is expected to occur concurrently with the proposed exchange offer and consent solicitation.

In May 1997, Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) and CSX Corporation (NYSE: CSX) acquired control of 58% and 42%, respectively, of Conrail's parent company. In June 1999, NSR and CSXT each began operating certain Conrail assets pursuant to separate operating agreements between Conrail and NSR and Conrail and CSXT. In November 2003, the STB authorized NSC, CSX and Conrail to reallocate these assets of Conrail directly to NSR and CSXT, in proportion to their respective 58% and 42% ownership interests in Conrail. The purpose of the exchange offer and consent solicitation is to facilitate this distribution of assets which, if completed, would permit the more efficient management of Conrail in a manner that preserves competition and clarifies financial reporting by CSX and NSC. The remaining assets would continue to be managed and operated by Conrail for the joint benefit of NSC and CSX.

The Registration Statements may be reviewed by the SEC and will not be declared effective until any such review has been satisfactorily completed. Upon effectiveness of the Registration Statements, CSXT, NSR and Conrail intend to commence an exchange offer and consent solicitation with respect to Conrail's unsecured debt. Under the exchange offer and consent solicitation, each of Conrail's 93/4% Debentures due June 15, 2020 (currently $550 million outstanding) and 77/8% Debentures due May 15, 2043 (currently $250 million outstanding) tendered and accepted for exchange will be exchanged for new unsecured obligations of NSR and CSXT, each in proportion to their respective 58% and 42% ownership interests in Conrail, and a cash payment.

The debt securities offered in the exchange offer and consent solicitation will have economic terms, such as currency, interest rate and interest payment and maturity dates, substantially identical to those of the existing Conrail unsecured debt securities, other than the timing of the first interest payment. The new obligations of CSXT and NSR will have covenants and events of default substantially similar to those contained in existing indentures of CSX and NSC, respectively.

Assuming all of Conrail's unsecured securities are exchanged, immediately after the settlement of the offers, and subject to the treatment of fractional interests, NSR would be the obligor of $319 million principal amount of 93/4% Notes due June 15, 2020 and $145 million principal amount of 77/8% Notes due May 15, 2043, and CSXT would be the obligor of $231 million principal amount of 93/4% Notes due June 15, 2020 and $105 million principal amount of 77/8% Notes due May 15, 2043. The dealer manager for the exchange offer and consent solicitation is Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated.

The completion of the exchange offer and consent solicitation is subject to a number of conditions, including Conrail's successful solicitation of consents from the holders of certain of its secured debt obligations.

CSX Corporation, based in Jacksonville, Fla., owns the largest rail network in the eastern United States. CSXT and its 34,000 employees provide rail transportation services over a 23,000 route-mile network in 23 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces. CSX also provides intermodal and global container terminal operations through other subsidiaries.

NSC through its NSR subsidiary operates 21,500 route miles in 22 states, the District of Columbia and Ontario, serving every major container port in the eastern United States and providing connections to western rail carriers. NSC operates an extensive intermodal network and is the nation's largest rail carrier of automotive parts and finished vehicles.

Conrail is a principal freight railroad in the Northeastern United States, and is indirectly owned 58% by NSR and 42% by CSXT.

4-21-04 CR North Jersey SAA Bayshore Lead

CR North Jersey SAA Bayshore Lead Wilson Avenue, MP00.79 Single Track

Effective Wednesday 12:01PM April 21st, highway grade crossing warning devices and trafic devices are in service. Track circuit limits marked with yellow paint. Equipment must cross over yellow marked rails, stop and wait appropriate time after warning devices activate to proceed. Track circuit will indicate effective shunt by strobe light mounted on side of case. Highway traffic signals will be pre-empted and after specified time, warning devices will activate at crossing. Rule 138 applies.

4-20-04 Enola, PA Scrapping Freight Cars

Report courtesy of JB Kerr.
An outside contractor has been brought in to scrap some cars that have been sitting around for awhile on 16 WB Recieving. Damaged cars from pevious wrecks have already been torched but in the line to be scrapped is the following gems:
MGA X424 (in process of being scrapped)
CR 52000
CR 52630
NW 188948
CR 53870
CR 51751
CR 51926
CR 53890
CR 53747
CR 52107
and a really VINTAGE RARE CAR NYC X29634 still with the original NYC paint with oval emblem. This one will be a really big loss.. Also impending as I here many more are to follow are 5 CR cabin cars at the east end of 16WB Rec. and a few PC M/W yellow gondolas still in beautiful PC paint with friction bearings.
Theres an EL Covered hopper thats supposed to be saved and sent to a society in N.J. and its stenciled as such.. Its a vintage old DLW car so hopefully it wont be scrapped by accident... Now does anyone want to make an offer for that NYC car?? Better do it quick as it wont be around much longer!!

4-19-04 GP38-2 Repainted After Overhaul

CR GP38-2 8211 (PRR 5356) which had been deemed a yard unit for Hagerstown, MD's Vardo yard and was enroute to the Juniata Locomotive Shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania for a complete overhaul as of March 18, 2004 has emerged from the shops in black horsehead attire.

3-31-04 Amboy Secondary Signal Construction

South Jersey SAA Amboy Secondary MP7.23 Matawan Road Single Track

Effective Wednesday, March 31, 2004 exercise extreme caution when walking or driving in the area of Matawan road crossing. Signal construction work in progress. Materials and open trenches in the area.

3-24-04 Three More NS Repaints

CR 6071 (PRR 8383) Reported by Roger Durfee leading a train on 3-20-04 in horsehead paint.

CR 5548 (PRR 6790) was photographed by Dave Kerr on 3-20-04 in horsehead paint, complete with the white brow.

And CR 8061 (PRR 5271) Reported by Tim Darnell on 3-23-04 at Morrisville, PA also sporting the new ns scheme.

3-22-04 More Morrisville Line Signal Changes

Morrisville Yard Amtrak Morris (MP0.0) Thorofare Track

Effective 12:01AM, Monday March 22, 2004 eastbound ground mast home signal at Morris relocated 70 feet west to new signal bridge. Signals changed to color-position light.

3-22-04 Morrisville Line Signal Changes

Morrisville Line Morris (MP0.0) NJ Transit Single & Middle Tracks

Effective 12:01AM, Monday March 22, 2004 eastbound home signals at Morris relocated 290 feet south to new signal bridge. Signals changed to color-position light.

3-19-04 B23-7 Headed For RMDI

Former Conrail B23-7 1959 (PRR 4052) has arrived from the south on train 38Q at Enola, PA with all CR markings painted out. The RMDI (Pittston, PA) bound unit bears the reporting marks ns has designated for retired / off roster units; "EBBX".

3-18-04 GP38-2 Slated For Overhaul

CR GP38-2 8211 (PRR 5356) until recently had been deemed a yard unit for Hagerstown, MD's Vardo yard. The unit is now enroute to the Juniata Locomotive Shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania for a complete overhaul. The unit will likely get dipped before returning to active service.




3-15-04 SD50's Head For Paducah, KY

On March 15, 2004 ten (10) former Conrail SD50's were sent west out of Harrisburg, PA on train 053. The move consisted of 8691, 8682, 5460, 8686, 5448, 8678, 8677, 8685, 8681 and 5476. (the 54XX series units are ns allocated, while the 86XX series were csx.) The SD's are headed for Paducah, KY where their futures are bleak.

3-14-04 Pavonia Yard Remote Control Zone Changed

Time limits for Pavonia Yard Remote Control Zone changed. Effective 6:30AM Sunday March 14, 2004, this remote control zone is in effect, except between the hours of 3:30AM and 6:30AM. At all other times, employees must be governed by instructions pertaining to this Remote Control Zone.



In the application of NORAC Rule 706, on arrival at Conrail yards all trains and engines must switch to the radio channel shown below and communicate with the Yardmaster. Radio must remain on that channel while operating at that yard.

Livernois AAR 66
North Yard AAR 58
River Rouge AAR 50
Sterling Yard AAR 58

3-5-04 Wide Load Detectors For Pavonia Yard

PAVONIA YARD CAMDEN RUNNING TRACK Effective 6:00 AM, Friday March 5, 2004, Wide Load Detectors are in service on certain Conrail tracks adjacent to Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System (SNJLRTS) tracks. Two Detection Zones are established. The 36th Street Zone is in service on the Pavonia Yard No.1 Running Track between the SNJLRT 36th Street Station and Cove Road, The Cooper River Zone is in service on the Camden Running Track between Cooper River and the 11th Street under grade bridge.

If a wide load is detected, a Radio Alarm will broadcast a message on AAR Channels 64 and 50 announcing "Wide Load Detected" and the Zone in which it was detected. When this message is received, any train in that zone must be stopped and the Conrail Train Dispatcher, Conrail Pavonia Yardmaster and the SNJLRT Controller notified. Crew members must obtain permission from Controller to foul SNJLRT tracks and inspect the entire train, starting on the side adjacent to SNJUT tracks. Employees must look out for shifted lading, open car doors, trailer doors or derailed equipment. When inspection has been completed, report must be made to Dispatcher and Yardmaster, who will issue further instructions and advise SNJLRT Controller.

3-1-04 Latest NS / CSX Repaints

2-18-04 Brian Gessell reports at the Huntington, WV paint shop on 2-18-04 is CR SD70MAC 4139 (CSX 784). Next up for paint will be the CR SD50 6758 (CSX 8668).

2-19-04 CR SD40-2's 6397 and 6412 (PRR 3351, 3359) were both spotted in Altoona, PA in horsehead paint.

2-22-04 Paolo spotted the formerly stored CR 9531 (PRR 2213) at Juniata in horsehead paint.

2-27-04 CR 6471 (PRR 3399) noted in Altoona also in horsehead paint.

Finally, CR 5598 (PRR 6730) has been noted at Altoona, PA's JBS in very fresh horsehead paint on February 29, 2004.

2-26-04 CR South Jersey SAA Chemical Coast Sewaren (MP18.2)

Effective 12:01PM, Thursday February 26, 2004, electric lock switch in service from main track to Barb siding, tied to operation of derail on north end of Barb siding. Switch not controlled by Operator or Train Dispatcher. The light in the lock housing will be lit and the electric lock released only after the derail has been moved to the non-derailing (off) position. Derail must be moved to derailing (on) position and switch restored to normal when not in use.

2-19-04 CR Power Stored At Altoona, PA

Lance Myers reports the following power at Juniata as of February 19, 2004;

PRR 2218 (CR 9552)and a pair of GP15-1's at Hollidaysburg.
CR 1902 (at the deadline)
CR 1949 (at the deadline)
CR 1956 (at the deadline)
CR 2022 (at the deadline)
CR 2814 (at the deadline)
CR 7725
CR 9348
CR 9368 (at the deadline)
PRR 2206 (CR 9520)
PRR 2888 (CR 7693)
PRR 2953 (CR 7917) (at the deadline)
PRR 3028 (CR 3327)

2-22-04 CR South Jersey SAA Morrisville Line

Effective Sunday, February 22, 2004 the automatic signals 2E and 2W permanently removed from service at MP2.9.

Also, the maximum speed between CP-MA and MY (MP0.6) changed to 20mph. Employees must change timetable NO.5- item 2 in ink.

2-19-04 CR GP38 Confliction

Conrail GP38 7736 was renumbered PRR 2913 after the split. Today it has been confirmed that there are some conflictions within the story of this units' history.

Underneath the cab side road number patch, the Conrail issued raised vinyl road numbers are visible through the ns' ised white patch. Freakishly, the number showing through is that of a former GP35. 2 GP35's infact. If you catch the engine at the right angle you can clearly see both 3376 and 3377 under the patch.

I show no accident damage dating back through the early 1990's that would warrant a cab replacement. A frame check is coming soon to help understand the situation.

2-16-04 CR C40-8W Unwanted Paint Scheme

Former Conrail C40-8W 6157 was the second CR unit repainted into the new NS company logo. The unit had sported the paint only a few months when it decided against the horsehead black and white paint.

The unit suffered fire damage, as the entire logo on the Conductor side had been burnt off when I caught it at Harrisburg, PA on 9-21-03. As of February 16, 2004 she still wears the burnt scheme. The ol girl must want her Blue back!

Photo of unit -

2-16-04 NS Repaint Verifications

Below are the most recent sightings of former Conrail units in new NS paint. If anybody catches any of these units, PLEASE verify the paint scheme!! We need photos!!!

CR SD45-2 6666 (PRR 1705) Reported by 2-10-04

CR SD45-2 6655 (PRR 1701) Reported by 1-26-04, but witnessed 2-5-04 in dress Blue

CR SD40-2 6982 (PRR 3437) Reported by February 2004 *NEEDS LOOKED INTO*

CR GP38-2 8057 (PRR 5268)

CR GP38-2 8187 (PRR 5347) Reported by February 2004

CR SW1500 9530 (PRR 2212) Reported 1-27-04

CR SW1500 9609 (PRR 2239) Reported by February 2004

2-14-04 2 CSX Repaints, GP40-2 Retirement

CR SD60M 5502 (CSX 8757) was repainted YN3 sometime before the first of February while CR SD60I 5635 (CSX 8747) was just released in YN3 on Valentines Day. A final note from the Chessie side of CR, our wrecked GP40-2 CR 3380 (CSX 4445) is now showing retired 11-13-03. Special thanks to Brian Gessel for his report.

2-10-04 Junction Yard Secondary

Effective 6:01PM Tuesday, February 10, 2004 the Marathon Private crossing at MP 1.5 is now equipped with flashing lights and bells.

2-2-04 Southern Secondary

CR South Jersey SAA Southern Secondary MP55.05 Single Track

Effective Mon., Feb. 2, exercise extreme caution when walking or driving in the area of Oak Glen Rd. signal construction in progress, material and open trence in area.

2-2-04 Morrisville Line between MORRIS and MY

Conrail South Jersey SAA Morrisville Line

Effective 7:00 AM Monday February 2, 2004 the following changes are in effect:

(a) Morrisville Line between MORRIS and MY Interlocking (inclusive), owned by NJ TRANSIT, and is in service. Amtrak retains MORRIS Interlocking.

(b) MY (Interlocking at MP 0.6) in service, controlled by the Amtrak CETC- 7 Dispatcher.

(c) Middle Running Track renamed "Middle Track" between MORRIS and MY.

(d) The Single Track and Middle Track from MORRIS to MY classified as Main Tracks, controlled by the Amtrak CETC- 7 Dispatcher.

(e) Interlocking and CSS Rules (except 562 and 563) in service between MORRIS and MY on the Single Track and Middle Track.

(f) Amtrak Radio Channel (AAR) 60-60 is in service between MORRIS and MY.

(g) Maximum Authorized Speeds between MORRIS and MY on the Single Track and Middle Track revised as follows: 30 MPH Passenger / 25 MPH Freight.

(h) Clearances:
Height 20'8" (Main and Yard Tracks)
Width 10'6" on Lead 1 only.

(i)The following tracks are equipped with catenary for 12 kV AC electrical operation under the supervision of the NJ TRANSIT Power Supervisor Kearny, NJ

All main tracks between MORRIS and MY (inclusive).
All tracks within NJ Transit Morrisvi1le Yard.
Catenary height: 20'8".
Employees must consider catenary energized at all times.
Employees are prohibited from getting on, or working on the top of any car, locomotive or lading while under the energized catenary system.

Employees must not touch dangling wires or foreign objects (such as kite strings, cassette tapes, tree limbs, etc.) in contact with overhead wires. These objects could be energized and can be dangerous to life. Do not attempt to move them by any means, but take necessary precautions to protect others and equipment from coming in contact with the foreign object or dangling wires. As soon as possible, report their location to the Train Dispatcher. A distance of 3 feet-3 inches must be maintained until a qualified "Class A" Electric Traction employee or supervisor removes all wires or objects.

(j) Color light signals are in service at MY governing eastward and westward movements in service as follows:

Overhead bridge home signals (2 heads) governing westward movements on Single Track and Middle Track in service. These signals are mounted above and to the right of the appropriate tracks.

Ground mast home signal (2 heads) governing eastward movements on the Single Track in service.

Ground mast home signal (2 heads) governing eastward movements from NJ TRANSIT yard track Lead 1 to the Single Track in service.

Ground mast home signal governing eastward movements from NJ TRANSIT yard track Lead 3 to the Middle Track in service.

Dwarf home signal governing movements from Delmoor Industrial Track to the Single Track in service.

Dwarf home signal governing movements from the Haddonfield Lumber Company siding to the Single Track in service.

(k) All switches and derails within the limits of MY are lever-operated dual control.

(l) Split rail derail on Lead 1 (yard track) for eastward movements at MY in service.

(m) Split rail derail on Lead 3 (yard track) for eastward movements at MY in service.

(n) Private road crossing named Access Road on the west end (of MY Interlocking, crossing the Single Track, in service. Gates and Flashers installed but not in service. NORAC Rule 138-c-Item 1 in effect until further notice.

(o) The following telephone numbers are in service:

Amtrak CETC- 7 Dispatcher:
Commercial Line: XXX-XXX-XXXX

NJ TRANSIT Power Supervisor:
Newark Division: XXX-XXX-XXXX, XXXX, XXXX or XXXX

NJ TRANSIT Maintenance of Way Trouble Desk:

Commercial Line: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Amtrak Police:

(p) Employees must correct station page information of Conrail Timetable No.5, pages 56 and 57 as follows:

1. STATION PAGE - At MP 0.6 indicate MY as an Interlocking.
2. Add symbol (X) indicating Interlocking
3. Under Item 1 - Rules in Effect - Between Morris and CP MA For Single Track - Change Morris to MY
4. Also under Item 1 - Rules in Effect Add Listing: Between MY and Morris Single Track and Middle Track Interlocking Rules & CSS (Except Rules 562 &563)
5. Under Item 2 - Maximum Speeds - Change MP 0.6 to MY in two places.
6. Also under Item 2 - Maximum Speeds - Between MY and Morris For Single Track
Change: 10 To: Pass - 30; Frt. = 25
Add Middle Track: Pass - 30; Frt. = 25
7. Under Item 9 B - Location of Running Tracks
Under "Between" column
Middle Running Track - Change MORRIS to MY

1-31-04 SD60M Repainted

Conrail 5565 (PRR 6801) was photographed by Dave Kerr on this date, leading an eastbound NS coal train through Tuscarora Springs, PA in the new paint scheme.

1-25-04 SD40-2 Repainted

CR 6422 (PRR 3367) is now in Horsehead paint with the white numberboard area above the windshields. Tony Kimmel caught it in Conemaugh, PA working the local C-47.

1-25-04 SD45-2 Repainted

Conrail 6659 (PRR 1702) was photographed by Rick Glosser on this date, leading NS coal train 508 east through Easton, PA in the new paint scheme.

1-23-04 Conrail Express Damaged

M&D Conrail Express SW900 was hammered by a pick-up towing a loaded trailer at a grade crossing between Kennedyville and Lynch, Md., on the company's Chestertown Line. Damage to the unit resulted in it immediately being taken out of service upon arrival back in Massey. Quick work by the shop forces allowed the 1202 to step in the following Wednesday for its maiden run on the northern lines since returning home. Currently, the 801 is reportedly ducked into the shadow lands behind the engine house where she will probably ride out the winter.Report by Scott Harris

1-18-04 SD40-2R Repainted

Conrail 6964 (PRR 3427) was spotted this evening at Enola, PA in new NS horsehead paint. This marks the 35th known Conrail unit to be sporting the new corporate image.

1-18-04 SW1500 Blows Main Generator

Conrail SW1500 9503 (PRR 2200) undoubtedly is living out her final days in dress Blue. The unit has a blown main generator and will be forwarded to Juniata for an overhaul. Yes, they are actually going to overhaul the girl! Unfortunately, as with all major work/repairs the pup will likely get dipped.

1-11-04 GP38-2 Engine Failure

CR 8077 (PRR 5280) has oil all over the Engineer side above the fuel tank as of 1-11-04.

1-5-04 C40-8W Repainted

It has been reported that CR 6231 (PRR 8420) has been repainted into the standard (old) NS scheme. The unit was witnessed in Sandusky, OH at 7:57pm. Unfortunately, no photographs are available to verify.

1-5-04 CR C40-8 Derails Into Kiski River

According to several reports, a 107 car freight train derailed into the Kiskiminetas River just outside Apollo, PA in Westmoreland County today, shortly after 5am. 16 cars loaded with corn tumbled down the embankment onto CR 6046 which rests partially submerged in the river nose first.

The future for this unit is certainly not good.

1-2-04 Revised NORAC Rule 291


1. The name of this signal, Norac Rule 291, has been changed to "RESTRICTED PROCEED". It is no longer known as "STOP AND PROCEED".

2. The indication for this signal, Norac Rule 291, is revised to read:
"Proceed at restricted speed until the entire train has cleared all interlocking and spring switches (if signal is an interlocking or CP signal) and the leading wheels have"

a) Passed a more favorable fixed signal, OR
b) Entered non-signaled DCS territory.

In CSS territory, trains with operative cab signals must not increase their speed until they have run one train length or 500 feet (whichever is greater) past a location where a more favorable cab signal was received.

3. This change in Rule 291 will permit a train or engine to proceed at Restricted Speed without having to stop at the various signal aspects depicted in the Norac Rule 291.

4. Employees are to correct Norac Rule 291, page 89, in ink to reflect the changes noted above with the understanding that Foreign line carriers still recognize Norac Rule 291 as "Stop and Proceed". When operating on Foreign line railroad the former rule will apply unless revised by that carrier.

5. All references to Norac 291, "Stop and Proceed" in any Conrail publication are to be corrected to reflect the change in name to "Restricted Proceed".

12-27-03 SW1001 Repainted

Conrail 9415 (PRR 2105) spotted at Allentown, PA on December 27, 2003 in fresh horsehead paint. Photo to be in next update courtesy of Eric Augatis.

12-22-03 SD40-2 Derailment

CR SD40-2 6448 (PRR 3382) lead unit on NS 500 suffered a lead unit derailment when 3382's lead trucks picked a switch inside the Philadelphia Electric's Eddystone Plant. Information courtesy of Brian Ferrel

12-19-03 Port Running and Robbinsville Industrial Track

CR SAA South Jersey Port Running Track MP 33.29 (East State Street) Effective Friday December 19, 2003 at 6:01pm the distant signal for movements to SNJLRT CP 329 in service, located 1,288 feet from SNJLRT CP 329 home signal on the Port Running track.

CR SAA South Jersey Robbinsville Industrial Track MP 27.15 Effective Friday December 19, 2003 at 6:01pm Distant signal for movements to SNJLRT CP 269 in service, located 1,165 feet from SNJLRT CP 269 home signal on Robbinsville Industrial Track.

12-18-03 Morrisville Yard Office Falls

Though not official yet, the Morrisville yard office was slated for demolition today, Thursday December 18, 2003. As of 9pm last night, the entire building was gutted and prepared for the wrecking ball. Another piece of history falls into the books.

12-14-03 Penn Central Lives, 4-1-76 revisited

I have NEVER seen this issue brought to light so I'm going to consider it breaking news! NS SD40-2 6163 has a VERY interesting story to tell! I just caught it at Enola, PA around 12 noon Sunday, December 14, 2003 shifting the East receiving yard (NS 9654, PRR 3411 and the 6163). On the Engineers long hood is a Penn Central worm logo complete with "CR" stencilling from the 4-1-76 merger!

12-12-03 CR SW1001 Wrecked

NS reports show CR SW1001 9413 (PRR 2103) received wreck damage while on SAA. The unit was spotted in Allentown, PA the same day but only the Conductor side was visible with no damage noted.

12-11-03 CR SAA South Jersey Morrisville Yard

Effective Thursday, December 11, 2003 at 6:01pm NJT has energized the overhead signal power at MP0.0 (CP Morris) to NJT Yard. All overhead wires, including catenary, are to be considered energized.

12-8-03 SD60M Damaged

Conrail SD60M 5526 (PRR 6777) has finally suffered a blow more than likely due to lack of maintenance. Shortly before 9am today, 12-8-03, the EMD was set aside on the Runaround at Harrisburg yard with oil everywhere thanks to a blown piston. Pretty bad damage was sustained with the piston blown through the air box cover. The unit came in on 23M DIT but went west right after being set off on a light engine move to Conway at 9:30am.

12-7-03 SD40-2 Car vs Train

Conrail SD40-2 6519 (PRR 3423) leader on train 537 collided at the crossing at Main Street in Turbotville, PA around 12:30 PM with a vehicle. No known injuries, and damage to the unit is unknown.

Information from the NS Buffalo Line Yahoo group.

12-1-03 Pavonia Yard

CR SAA South Jersey Pavonia Yard Effective Monday, Dcember 1, 2003 at 6:01pm ***Note Changes***

B. The limits of the remote control zone (RCZ) are established as follows: That area bounded on the East by the River Road overhead bridge on No. 2 Running track, including No. 2 Cramer (Hump Lead track) and on the West by the clearance points on the East end of all tracks in the classification yard.

C. This remote control zone is in effect between the hours of 6:30am and 3:30pm.

11-27-03 Mother / Slug Pair Repainted

Former CR SD38 6925 (PRR 3800) and MT-6 1105 (PRR 973) were verified in Enola today sporting new horsehead paint. The addition of these 2 now brings ns up to 249, csx at 386 and a grand total of 635 Conrail units now in new paint.

11-22-03 Delmoor Industrial Track

CR SAA South Jersey Morrisville Line MP 0.45 Single Track Effective November 22, 2003 at 6:00pm, the switch for Delmoor Industrial Track (Old Line) will be equipped with a dual controlled electtic switch. Crews operating this switch will be governed by timetable special instruction 604-1.

The switch for haddonfield Lumber is equipped with a dual controlled electtic switch. Crews operating this switch will be governed by timetable special instruction 604-1.

11-14-03 Pemberton Industrial Track

Effective Friday, November 14, 2003 6:01PM New Leg Of Wye / Hatch Industrial Single Track

The distant signal for movements to SNJLRT CP-45 in service, located 2,124 feet from SNJLRT CP-45 home signal on new leg of wye.

11-14-03 Pavonia Yard Track Work

Effective Friday, November 14, 2003 6:01PM changes have been made to the west end of Pavonia yard. The new normal alignment for the west end switch for 10 running to 18 support is toward 10 running.

Basically the lead off 18 support no longer ties into 1 and 2 receiving, while 10 running now directly connects with 18 support

11-7-03 B40-8 Fire

Somerset, Kentucky southbound ns train 229 was lead by CR 6986, 5089 (PRR 3440, 4817) and foreign power when the 2nd unit, PRR 4817 'went up in flames'. Flames shot out of the stack some 16' into the air before the Somerset Fire Department was able to douse the unit. Thanks to Jonathan Guy for the report.

11-2-03 C40-8W Repainted

CR C40-8W 6263 has been repainted into CSX (7387) YN3 colors as of 11-2-03.

10-25-03 Remote Control At CR SAA Pavonia

Effective Saturday October 25, 2003 PAVONIA YARD






10-21-03 CSX Repaints SD80's

Brian Gessel reports CR 4121 released in YN3 today, 10-21-03 while 806 presently sits in the paint booth.

10-20-03 Interlocking Changes On Detroit SAA

Effective 8:00AM Monday, October 20, 2003, changes at CP West Detroit are as follows:

-The crossover for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 1 track to the Michigan Line Single track is removed from service.
-The crossover for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 2 track to the Michigan Line No. 1 track is removed from service.
-The turnout for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 1 track to Michigan Line No. 1 track remains in service.

Effective 8:00AM Monday, October 20, 2003, the turnout changes at CP Scotten are as follows:

-The new crossover between No. 2 track and No. 1 track CP Scotten is placed in service. This facing point crossover for eastward movement on No. 2 track is equipped with dual control switches.
-The new crossover between No. 1 track and the Single track CP Scotten is placed in service. This facing point crossover for eastward movement on No. 1 track is equipped with dual control switches.
-The new turnout from the Single track and the Old Wye track CP Scotten is placed in service. This facing point turnout for eastward movement from the Single track is equipped with a dual control switch.
-The existing crossover just west of the new Wye switch between No. 1 track and the Single track is now equipped with dual control switches.
-The existing turnout from the Single track to the new Wye track is now equipped with a dual control switch.
-The former CP Spring Works switch from North Yard Branch New Wye track to the New Wye track and "A" track is now equipped with a dual control switch and now included in NEW CP Scotten.

Effective 8:00AM Monday, October 20, 2003, the signal changes at CP Scotten are as follows:

-The eastbound home signals relocated from their present position to a location 900' west extending the control point to include the new switches.
-The westbound home signal governing movements from the New Wye track is removed from service.
-The northbound home signal (former CP Spring Works) governing movement from the New Wye track is removed from service.
-A new westbound home signal at MP 2.4 North Yard Branch governing movement from No. 2 track is placed in service.
-The former CP Spring Works southbound home signal governing movement from the North Yard Branch New Wye track to the New Wye track and "A" track is now within NEW CP Scotten.
-The former CP Spring Works northbound home signal governing movement from "A" track is now within NEW CP Scotten.
-A new westbound home signal governing movement on the Michigan Line No. 2 track is placed in service. This signal is located adjacent to the existing westbound home signals on No. 1 track and the Single track.

Effective 8:00AM Monday, October 20, 2003, the changes at CP West Detroit are as follows:

-The turnout for eastward movement from the Single track to the Old Wye is relocated 650' east of old location and becomes part of NEW CP Scotten. -The crossover for eastward movement from No. 1 track to the Single track is removed from service.
-The crossover for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 1 track to the Michigan Line Single track is removed from service.
-The crossover for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 2 track to the Michigan Line No. 1 track is removed from service.
-The turnout for eastward movement from Detroit Line No. 1 track to Michigan Line No. 1 track remains in service.

Effective 8:00AM Monday, October 20, 2003, the changes at CP Spring Works are as follows:

-CP Spring Works is retired and now considered part of NEW CP Scotten. New signal added at new entrance to CP Scotten for southbound movement on Old Wye track located adjacent to existing signal on New Wye track. Northbound signal on New Wye at entrance to OLD CP Spring Works is removed from service.

10-16-03 More CSX Repaints

CR 5588 is reported out of Huntington, W Va in YN3 paint as CSX 8727, while CR SD80MAC 4110 is said to be in the paint shop now as CSX 0804.

Brian Gessel also reports CSX is showing "FULL PAINT" on two other Conrail 80MAC's prior to leaving Huntington; the 4113 and 4121. CSX 806 and 808 respectively.

10-10-03 SW1001 Moves To New Owner

Former Conrail SW1001 9422 (PRR 2111) now operating under BDLX 2111 reporting marks was spotted on the 37Q October 10, 2003. The unit is going to Midland Reclaimation in Woodzell, MD located somewhere along the ex-CR Popes Creek Secondary on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay. Apparently she never served a day on the NS being stored at Altoona's Juniata backlot since Day 1.

10-7-03 CR Q-1, 5 Repaints, "Donated" Cab

CR Q-1 has finally been frame checked as 7104-12.

Former CR GP40-2's 3328, 3329, 3332 and 3333 (PRR 3029-3032) are getting repainted for the upcoming NS truck trains on the NEC. PRR 3029 and 3030 were released from Juniata on 10-4-03 while 3032 was in the paint booth being masked and 3031 prepared in the blast room. CSX also added a new repaint to the list; ex CR 3354 (CSX 4430) was reported on 10-6-03 in YN3 paint.

Former Conrail GP38 7707s' (PRR 2898) cab is being sent to the Railroad Museum of PA. All reports courtesy of Brian Gessel and Jeff Lubchansky.

10-6-03 Sterling Secondary Changes

Announced Saturday, October 4, 2003 on Conrails' Detroit Shared Asset Area; Effective 6:05AM, Monday, October 6, 2003 The Yardmaster at Sterling Yard will assume the responsibilities formerly handled by the Yardmaster at Mound Road.

10-1-03 First CSX Repaint In Months Released

Brian Gessel reports ex CR GP40-2 3373 now sports the CSX YN3 paint as 4441. He says it is the first YN3 repaint from Huntington in months.

9-30-03 Units Stored At Conway, PA

PRR 2881, 2892, 2903, 2911, 2930, 2931, 2933, 2944, 2946, 2948, 2951, 4029, 4031, 4033, 4035, and 4051. Thanks to Roger D. for the report.

9-30-03 4 More Units Repainted

Former CR SW1001 9413 (PRR 2103) was reported on 9-25-03 out of Allentown, PA with new NS horsehead paint so fresh you could smell it in the air.

Former CR SW1001 9416 (PRR 2106) was reported on 9-20-03 out of Allentown, PA also in NS colors.

Former CR SD40-2 6395 (PRR 3350) was first spotted on 9-13-03 on the Pittsburgh Line through Harrisburg, PA and eventually made it's way back into her regular Strawberry Ridge pool through central Pennsylvania. This unit is also sporting the new NS corporate logo.

Former CR GP40-2 3326 (PRR 3027) spotted on the Pittsburgh line by Tony K. on 9-27-03 also in the new NS scheme

9-21-03 CR Dash 8 Fire Damage

CR C40-8W 6157 (PRR 8376) one of only 2 Conrail Dash 8's repainted in the NS horsehead scheme has sufferred fire damage. The unit was first spotted in Harrisburg, PA and by the next day was moved across the river to the Enola Diesel house.

9-18-03 CR units at Larry's Truck & Electric

As of September 2003 the following Conrail units are located at LTE- 7514, 7518, 7535, 7568, 7582, 8613, 8715, 8716, 8721, 8883, 8903, 8935, 8982, 9088 and 9135. Thanks to Frank Vollhardt for the report.

9-15-03 Stored GP38's At Enola, PA

Former CR GP38's now stored at Enola as of September 2003; PRR 2900, 2901, 2904, 2907, 2909, 2910, 2912, 2913, 2914, 2917, 2918, 2920, 2921, 2922, 2923, 2924, 2925, 2926, 2929, 2943, 2945, 2950, 2952, 2954, 2955, 2956, 2957, 2893, 2897, 2201, 2202, 2204, 2207, 4026 and 4082.

9-15-03 Stored Camp Cars At South Philadelphia Yard

A handful of CR camp cars in very poor shape- some wrecked with the majority of them still running under friction bearing trucks and in a variety of paint, PC, Gray and MW yellow are now stored in the south Philadelphia yard. They are most likely awaiting dismantling and bear "PURGED" in orange lettering-
62110, 62156, 62200, 62206, 62207, 62208, 62210, 62211, 62214, 62202, 62503, 62506, 62516, 62539, 62557, 62564, 62822.

9-10-03 Pair of Special Paint Units Stored

Among the growing lines of now retired/stored Conrail GP38's, both specialty paint locomotives, CR 7868 (Philadelphia Division) and CR 7899 (Spirit of Conrail) are present at Enola, PA.

9-4-03 GP40-2's released for truck train pair

The first 3 former CR GP40-2's have been released from Enola for the new NS truck train pair 25A / 26A that will travel over Amtrak's North East Corridor. The trio have brand new side mounted air horns on the Conductor side roof flank, with also new, Blue mesh covers. With all modifications, it is being estimated that the cost will be $40,000+ per unit. They are Conrail 3328 (PRR 3029), CR 3329 (PRR 3030) and CR 3333 (PRR 3032).

9-2-03 Oak Island Engine House

Effective Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at 6:01pm Ramp tracks #2, #3 and #4 at Oak Island are no longer designated as engine house tracks. These yard tracks are now under the control of the Yardmaster at Oak Island hump.

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