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Pennsylvania Area Signals

Pennsylvania Area Signals

© Harrisburg, PA Fuel pad signals Kris Klemick Plan on heading trackside soon? You've got your camera, extra rolls of film, tripod, pen and paper. You know sooner show up at your favorite railfanning location when you hear a TV train lead by a trio of SD40-2's, stopped at the Krick Lane signals inspecting their train. If you only knew where those signals were you'd have some perfect photo opportunities!

Don't miss anymore hot chases! Click on the links below and have a copy of the signals and detectors as they appear going down the railroad!

Good luck and remember, always practice safe railfanning.
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Harrisburg, PA to Abrams, PA
Harrisburg, PA to Allentown, PA
Harrisburg, PA to Hagerstown, MD
Harrisburg, PA to Morrisville, PA
Harrisburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA
Harrisburg, PA to Camden / Pavonia, NJ
Harrisburg, PA to North Jersey
Abrams, PA to Harrisburg, PA
Allentown, PA to Harrisburg, PA
Hagerstown, MD to Harrisburg, PA
Morrisville, PA to Harrisburg, PA
Philadelphia, PA to Harrisburg, PA
Camden / Pavonia, NJ to Harrisburg, PA
North Jersey to Harrisburg, PA

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