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Thanks for stopping by, this site has been a vision for a number of years now and finally became a reality on July 1, 2003!

The site is presently up and running but by no means in full throttle. There are literally thousands of photos yet to be uploaded and tons of features yet to be placed in service. The image library, infact the entire site is updated daily so please check back often. I'll try to keep everyone updated through this Update page.

Upcoming areas include the completion of the Locomotive Stats section, the present status of CR locomotive class/marker lights as they are being removed on NS and CSX, more Newberry Terminal reports, hundreds of pictures and an Employee Resource Center.

If you have anything you'd like to contribute, photos, materials, railfan reports, stories, etc please do so. With the help of all Conrail fans this site will be a great resource.

Thanks to all of you who've helped out so far, and enjoy the hobby of railroading!

Conrail Enthusiast

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March 17, 2004

What comments do you guys have regarding a section on the site dedicated to the dates of transition from locomotives sporting dress Blue to Quality paint? It would be set up in some fashion that would show 2 photos of each unit. 1 in the latest standard Conrail scheme and the other photo in the earliest Quality paint.

Of course this list would be constantly changing as photos are sent in, but in the end I think it would be worth the time. I'm looking for comments and suggestions on this though before I pursue it. Please send me your thoughts!

January 3, 2004

I'd like to thank Lance Myers who landed shots of some pre split Conrail power at Altoona JBS recently, the MacDougall family; Bill, Mark and Austin for sending in some of their work and also more shots from Rick Glosser, John Durant, Dave Kerr, Marty Finnigan, Tom Hughes, Dave Trenn, Jim Appleman, Lee King, Eric Augatis and any others I may have forgot for some dumb reason. These shots keep coming in and I'm very thankful to have everyones support out there!

There will be a new feature coming up shortly. I know, I know, what about the other things that still haven't come on line yet, like the ERC you ask!? Well, the ERC is still hot on the burner, material is still being gathered and typed up before I open the link.

This new feature will be open to all and set towards the trackside reporter. Railfan reports of any kind can be sent in for historical purposes. Train symbols, locomotives, date and location only or an all out event by even account of the day's activities are welcome.

With that, stay safe, enjoy the new year and for heaven sake get trackside!

December 15, 2003

New photos are constantly being added as well as new news as it happens. In the last month we've had several new contributors who have some great work and I hope to see more of it in the days to come. I would like to take a moment and thank Tony Dawson, Gary Pancavage, Sean Gilliam, Carlos Fink, Marty Finnigan, Tom Luckey, Joe Ferguson and M.J. Scanlon for taking the time out to send their work along for us to enjoy. Thank you!

Make sure to check out the photos of the NS unit. What you see, might surprise you!

November 5, 2003

As always, there have been tons of new photos added since the last update. I haven't added any new technical info other than the Conrail news page with the recent updates like new repaints, track changes, remote control technology on CR at Pavonia, etc..

The most recent photo update done tonight has several interesting shots! A GP15-1 leading a hot stack train by Rick Glosser, a late 70's shot of the turntable at Altoona thanks to Tom Hughes, a GP38 now on the B&P sent in by Jed Hopewell and as always, a few beautifull shots by John Durant in full PC livery.

Finally, there are a few shots from Jim Appleman, one of which includes the RS3M! I also have some of my shots from the NRHS Flaming Foliage trip from Central PA. Cab shots are incuded!

October 1, 2003

Over 50 new photos have been added to the image library, thanks to new contributors like Dave Trenn who has been sending in countless breathtaking shots, still somehow rare shots of a Conrail SD50 now on lease caught on film by Glen Beans, a delightful array of retired power still at dealer Larry's Truck & Electric in Ohio thanks to Frank Vollhardt, an ex CR GP38 now painted up in Juniata Valley RR colors by "Bibitybobityboo", and many others from Eric Augatis, Bob Vogel, Rob Palmer, and Jed Hopewell!

The stored units list has been updated with the GP38 gatherings and the repaint list has also acquired 4 more NS repaints.

September 18, 2003

Over 50 new photos have been added tonight thanks to Dave Trenn, Ben Russell, Lee King and an RS-3 from John Durant! This update is definately worth checking out!

September 11, 2003

2 years ago today I was on a TV train watching from the cab as the planes hit and both towers fell. Home was 200 miles away, and we were stuck in a hotel for 20 hours wondering what was going to happen next.

Please take a moment to remember the events of 9/11, where you were, and be thankful we live in America. God bless the USA.

We've got a few new contributors since the last update. Dave Trenn has been sending along some great shots pre split date. Eddie Gross and David Howarth passed along a few shots of former CR GP38's that are now working on the Escanaba & Lake Superior railroad. We've yet to verify through a plate check what E&LS 400's prior heritage is though. Dave Kerr landed a spectacular shot of a westbound stack train coming off the west end of Rockville Bridge with a pair of CR C40-8W's, and I've been slowly progressing on other projects I've got going on along with building this site.

August 31, 2003

Stay tuned... hopefully within a few days we'll have shots of the wrecked CR GP40-2 online! (CSX 4445) An updated update- The wreck photos are up! Special thanks to Paul M Rome for providing the 3 shots. Look for CR 3380 in the new photos.

August 28, 2003

I was able to confirm thanks to "Voltmaster's" photos that N8A 23651, and N10's 24026 and 24042 are still stored at Hollidaysburg as of May 2003.

August 27, 2003

A few new shots have been added, including the addition of Lehigh Valley's GP18's. I'd also like to thank Doug Wetherhold for his shot of the Dash 8 builders plate that is used as the Loco Specs thumbnail, thanks Doug!

August 20, 2003

Almost 100 new photos have been added since the last update! You'll find them all through the image update link above. There have also been quite a few reports sent in that have been updated including caboose sightings thanks to Tom Wolfgang and his caboose site, solid CR lash ups from trains on the Buffalo line thanks to Jed Hopewell, and more.

August 4, 2003

Over 70 new photos have been added along with a new page that will showcase all of the latest additions. You can access this page via the Update page. Click on the marquee above for an overview

July 31, 2003

Close to 50 new photos have been added to the site since the last update and they keep coming in! I haven't had a chance to even begin working on adding any of my shots! Roger Durfee sent a cd that I definately need to get online... some great shots! New contributor, Bob Vogel has been adding his Post Split Day shots from the CSX side. A handful can be found in the GP40-2 page. I hope everyone is enjoying going through their books re-living each shot like it was yesterday as they send them in. Please keep them coming!

John Durant passed along 2 really cool shots, one of which is the first U30B to be added to the Image Library and another of his CR scale car, 80050 in primo paint!!

Also in the works is the upcoming ERC. Plans are to designate this area as an Employee Resource Center where various images and files can be viewed that are/were available to those inside the company.

Currently I am only getting about an hour or 2 each day to catch up on railfan reports, email and the site. Please be patient with the upcoming features. In time, this place will be invaluable, I hope

July 24, 2003

New to the site is a radio frequency chart provided by Ben Russell of PA. I'm sure this will come in handy for those with a scanner. The list is located in the Trackside Signals section.

New models have been added to the Image Library and Loco Stats area as well including all the U boats! The image tag will now appear on all new photos for about a week or two so everyone knows what's new!

July 19, 2003

Pictures have been uploaded almost daily as they come in. New to the site is the Q & A area. Plans are to build this into a resource based on factual information from the people involved at the railroad level, and the views of others. As this section grows, I imagine it will end up being broken down into different categories for easier viewing. I think it will be a neat little 'rainy day online book' to see what topics have been brought up in the past. If you have any questions, use the link to email me and atleast one of the knowledgeable people here will get you an answer!

I just bought a new scanner/copier/printer/fax the other night so now I'm ready to start tearing into all of the areas I want to make happen. A few more pictures have been uploaded including 2 shots of the GG-1 4800. One of the shots in the Bicent. scheme was shot by Tim Darnell. John Durant also passed along a shot of CR GP38-2 8250 with the "white star". There have also been some nice shots from Andy Koenigsberg sent along, a PC black GP35, RDG GP30's and more. Roger Durfee shot the red white and blue SD45 6097 back in 1977 before she was turned into Conrail's Q1.

July 9, 2003

Pictures have been the only updates made in the last few days. Tim Darnell and John Durant have been passing some superb shots along and they are being added constantly. Brad Morocco also sent along a Post Day 1 image of a CR GP38-2 at Leetsdale, PA. I've been pretty busy with work the last week but continue working to bring new things to the site

July 5, 2003

No new information has been added to the site, but several new pictures have been! Andy Koenigsberg sent in some SW8M and SD60 shots, fabulous work as always! Tim Darnell has been doing alot of great work scanning his early CR images and sending them in as well as a few others!

I actually messed up when I changed FTP's and permanently deleted the GP40-2 stats page, so that will need redone on Monday along with more technical info. It's also been brought up, the Alco pics page is not working.

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