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CR&E Division - Norfolk Southern in N Scale

Crew in Action

The CR&E Division would not have been possible without the help and support of family and friends. These people helped in every way, from assistance with planning to benchwork to wiring to operations. Their ideas and input have been invaluable and I look forward to their assistance and collaboration for years to come.

Here are a few action shots of our crew members working on the railroad.


Left - Bruce has just arrived for his shift as dispatcher, so Tommy is briefing him on what happened on his previous shift.    Right - Fred is obviously "at ease" in the big chair, calmly keeping trains from getting too close to each other on the railroad.  The CR&E is dispatched using verbal Track Warrant Control.


Left - Bruce handles the yard "back in the day" before the railroad invested in ballast. I think that's 358 arriving in town behind a Santa Fe Warbonnet.   Right - Tommy and Bruce working at Lewisburg in a more recent session.


Left - Larry is on his favorite (I think) job, the Lewisburg-Paint Bank Mine Run symbolled C80. This job works coal loadouts on the mainline and several branch lines.  Right - Jeremy is on top of things, bringing westbound Conrail run-through 137 through Paint Bank, VA. It looks like he's just finished talking to the dispatcher to get permission down the mountain. The scenery here has changed with the revision of the Potts Creek Branch and the addition of the South Fork Branch.


Left - Larry is seated while his crew enjoys the comforts of the Rendezvous at Glace while waiting in the siding at Glace, WV. Jan is bringing a higher priority westbound down the hill and will pass Larry's empty train at Glace. Larry and crew won't complain, as the Rendezvous is a legendary hang out for crews on the division.   Right - Tim and Jan are seen in the aisle between Glace and Caldwell. A westbound hopper train can be seen passing through Caldwell on the lower level. Shenandoah Jct is above Caldwell on the upper level.


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