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CR&E Division - Norfolk Southern in N Scale

Virtual Layout Tour

Although a track plan has not yet been added to the website (that seems to be the #1 request), I am including some small photos showing the layout as it appears up to April 2002. Since a great deal of the scenery is still under construction, you will see semi-finished and bare scenes throughout. These photos have been shrunk greatly to save space and loading time, so the quality and clarity are not very good. Hopefully they at least provide an idea of the arrangement of the layout.

The railroad itself runs around the walls of the room and has a large L-shaped peninsula where the Loops were built to climb to the upper level. Photos are in order from west to east, beginning in the lower level staging yard and ending in the upper level Roanoke/Salem staging yards.

West Yard (staging)

Lewisburg Yard

Lewisburg East and Caldwell

Glace and the Loops

Paint Bank and McFalls

New Castle and Shenandoah Jct.

Abbott and Catawba


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