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CR&E Division - Norfolk Southern in N Scale

Glace and The Loops

Above left - Three Conrail units pull an eastbound train into the siding near the west end of Glace. 

Above right - A Southern Pacific/Rio Grande consist brings a westbound down through the Loops past Camp Two to meet an eastbound standing on the mainline at Glace.  There is evidence of three levels of track here: the mainline and siding at Glace, the middle tier at Camp Two, and the upper level emerging from Pedro tunnel. The tracks pass through a hidden turnback curve behind the Soo Line box car in the train and emerge on the upper level. The town of Paint Bank is on the other side of the ridge, not visible here due to a backdrop separating the scenes.

Above left - The train is passing over High Fill above Glace and will soon be crossing Cove Creek Viaduct.  In the background is the unfinished fascia between Caldwell and Archer Fork on the lower level, and between Shenandoah Jct and Abbott on the upper level.   

Above right - This is what it looks like down inside the mountain. The lower level at Glace is just out of sight below the Cove Creek Viaduct and High Fill to the left. If you look closely inside the mountain, you can see part of the hidden turnback curve the runs between the east end of Glace and the middle level of the Loops at Camp Two. After passing over the upper level and crossing High Fill and Cove Creek (trestle visible on left), eastbound trains pass through State Line Tunnel and emerge at Forester, VA (in the foreground of this shot). The west end of Paint Bank siding begins just out of sight off the right side of the photo.

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