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CR&E Division - Norfolk Southern in N Scale

Abbott and Catawba

Above left - The office car train is ducking into the double track tunnel at Abbott. This area is located on the upper level above the west end of Glace and will be scenicked. CSX's mainline is in the foreground here, but is not visible in this photo. Since the rest of Abbott is located directly behind Paint Bank on the same level, the tracks at Abbott will disappear into this tunnel. The rest of Abbott will be hidden behind Paint Bank.  Above right - This is Catawba, VA, the easternmost modeled town on the railroad. The office car train has just emerged from the east end tunnel at Abbott and passed through a cut before passing the Southern States feed mill here. CSX's mainline comes out of a tunnel here too and can be identified by the Conrail box car in the photo. The town of Paint Bank is actually just on the other side of this ridge. The tracks here cross the same upper level duckunder as they did between Paint Bank and McFalls, here entering NS (Roanoke) and CSXT (Salem) staging.

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