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 S Scale Detail Parts, Scratchbuilding Supplies & Tools

By Craig S. O'Connell

Changes last made on

March 23, 2013.



New Zealand Finescale - Lost wax castings in S scale.

Hobby Loads by DC Rail & Hobby Depot -- Dave and Mary Ptak, the new owners of Hobby Loads, have expanded beyond just coal loads and now make a variety of scale coal, rock, ballast and even wood chip loads for all scales, many S scale cars. Coal loads in S scale - made with real coal.

Contact Info:

by DC Rail & Hobby Depot
Hand made, all scale coal, ballast, rock and wood chip loads.
Phone: 540-786-6557

Model Tech Studios - Model Tech Studios LLC PO Box 1497 No. Hampton, NH 03962 / telephone: 603.964.5995 E-mail: James Bester

Just released --- the first series of our new scratchbuilding or lasercutting wood line with masonry sheets for building s scale structures like stone, stucco, aged concrete and coming next brick and concrete block. This line fills many of the scale material gaps such as the variety of Masonry surfaces, weathred/aged materials for the layout builder to work easily with. Many sheets are 24”L x 6” W and retail for $12.99 ( as of 1/19/09 ... please check with the company for any changes before ordering.) We are continuing to expand the line over the next year(s) to address 1 piece roofing and more. All sheets are “GENUINE 3D” Wood sheets with great architectural detail.
Free samples are available with a SASE w/ 3 stamps forwarded to us at the above address.


S Scale Locomotive & Supply - Fred Rouse - S scale castings and kits.
PO Box 1240
Inverness, FL 34451


Kaw Valley Designs, Inc. - Mike Fyten (as of 3/2/08)

S scaler Mike Fyten has created his own company producing parts in a variety of scales including "S".

Mike writes:

Hi Craig,

Just thought I tell you about some new products that I’m developing in all scales.

You can check it out at:

About 6 months ago, I was designing some stairs for some buildings I wanted to detail for my s-scale layout. A friend asked me to do some for
him in O-scale. He then suggested that I put them on e-bay. The response has been great! So much in fact, that I started business from it.
I even changed the name of my existing company from CADesigns to Kaw Valley Designs.

The web site is small right now, but hopefully, I’ll be adding a bunch of new things I’ve been working on in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you find this worthy of adding to your own site.

Thank you, and please note my new e-mail:

Mike Fyten
Kaw Valley Designs, Inc.
11111 West 59th Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66203
(913) 268-1114


Hamilton Model Works

Hamilton Model Works
28 Park Row S.
Hamilton, Ont., Canada, L8K 2J4
Phone: (evenings): 905-549-4051

A & K Hobby - AK Hobby has a series of diorama details in 1/64. They are not nearly as crisp as we are used to in model railroading, but where else are you going to get a 1/64 Dumpster, computer, big screen TV or Porta-Potty! Other detail parts include coke machine, popcorn popper, wood loads, roll top desk, service counter with computer, steel desk, trash can, tire rack, work bench and many, many more. Tip o' the hat to Pieter Roos for finding this gem.

Palace Car Company - #5031 Streamliner S coach passenger seat - double seat. $12.75 (36 pcs.) as of 7/4/06.

Builders In Scale-- NEW ADDRESS - Some S Scale parts

PO Box 1427
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Swamp Machine Shop - "S" Bird baths and barrels.

Swamp Machine Shop
1122 Dexter Corner Rd
Townsend, DE 19734

Model RR Warehouse S Gauge brick, Tichy windows and doors (in S). Brick sheet 7 colors, vert or horiz $5.00 Insulrick 2 colors horiz, $5.00 INSULRICK was the imitation brick asphalt siding applied to many buildings pre WWII. "Black Mortar" and "cheap colors" A brick sample is free with an order, for $1.00, or send an SSAE.

Dr. Ben's Scale Materials from Richard Benever, the editor of the S/Sn3 Modeling Guide, comes S scale building products for scratchbuilding or kitbashing and the Nella's Grocery - Country Store & Post Office.

Traffic Signs - They do S road markings and road signs.

Rusty Stumps Scale Models - S scale detail parts including asphalt shingles, security fences, ladders, picket fences, corrugated roofing and stair stringers.

6785 Cherry Blossom W. Dr.
Fishers, IN 46038
(317) 595-9489

Micro Tech Scale Models - S scale detail parts including shingles, doors and windows.

Turner Model Works NEW home of FinestKind Mdl's line of S scale detail parts.

Turner Model Works
P.O. Box 923
Athens, TN 37371-0923
Phone: (423) 462-2228

Model Builder's Supply Line - 27 different styles of brick, arches, tile, block, corrugated, weleded and standing seam sheets now available in S scale.

B. T. S.-- Bill's Train Shop - S Scale Details and Parts

NEW from Bill's Train Shop

#00806 Fire Hydrant Pkg (3) $4.95

(as of 3/1/05)


One Niter building projects - can be completed in one night of modeling: Oil drum rack, crossbucks, workbench, bench, pallets, board fence, wood ladder, chairs, logger table and an industrial board fence.

BTS - Master Creations - an assortment of products including a variety of shingles:

01000 Random Cedar Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
01004 Octagonal Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
01006 Diamond Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
01008 Sawtooth Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
01010 Three Tab Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
01012 French Diamond Shingles 2 Sheets $3.50
Each package covers about 14 sq. in. ALL are laser-cut on light
cardstock and are peel-and-stick for easy application.

Echo Mountain Model Products

Prototype "S" Parts is the name of the company by Ladd Houda, 1608 Cottagewood Drive, Brandon, FL 33510. Makes interior and exterior S scale passenger car parts. Does anyone have an e-mail address or phone number for this lad? If so e-mail me

Model Rail Stuff - S Scale coal loads.

Tichy HO Scale fire FIRE ESCAPES. These work quite well for S scale when you measure them out. Easy to assemble.

Pine Canyon Scale Models now makes S Scale Detail Parts for building structures including car loads, roof turbines, roof vents, electric meters, trash cans, drain collection boxes, 55 gallon drums, propane tank, piles of boxes, workbench, soda machine kits and a gas station detail pack among others.

New Zealand Finescale - S scale parts including fishplates, wirework, passenger car railings and gates, wagon wheels, wagon gears, 4 pane signal box window set with louvres, targets and shunting signals, steam locomotive cab fittings, point rodding A frames, suburban passenger car windows, locomotive hornblocks, locomotive superheater cover, sidechain hooks and eyes, semaphore signal parts, westinghouse air pump, air brake hoses, ....get the picture?

Trout Creek Engineering - Passenger car parts, Sn3 freight car parts, Tomalco car parts and kits.

Model Tech, Inc. - S scale detail parts (and structures/structural details) including roll roofing, shingles, Sterling Tower, Newton Falls frt./pass. station, covered bridge hwy. type, section tool house, 16 ft. grade crossing, 25 ft. grade crossing, freight wagon, hay wagon.

Rio Grande Models, LTD - S and Sn3 trucks and detail parts including brake cylinders, bolsters, 55 gal. oil drums, water column, pot belly stove, water cooler, caboose stove and switch stands.Also some rolling stock.

Sunrise Enterprises S Scale Parts - really nice diesel parts in S scale. NO LONGER BEING MANUFACTURED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST.

Tichy Train Group - S scale parts including rivets, washers, bolts, brackets, turnbuckles, grabirons, wire, open grate platform and more... Tichy also makes plastic fire escapes in HO that can be used on so many of those kitbashed HO buildings being used on S scale layouts. Other fire escapes on the market are made in brass (Sheepscot, Model Memories...)

Precision Scale - Their S/Sn3 complete line, fully illustrated catalog is #9743....$4.00. They has side frames in their S scale catalog. Their phone is 406-777-5071.

Precision Scale Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 278
Stevensville MT 59870


Alan Gibson Model Products NEW WEBSITE! Alan Gibson has S scale drivers available. Also 8 spoke wheels, 3 hole disc wheels, Mansell coach wheels, 10 spoke waagon wheels, DMU plain disc wheels and steam loco tender/bogie wheels. He models in S Scale so they should be around awhile. He does mail order and accepts credit cards

M.L.W. Services - NEW WEBSITE - etched brass cab numerals and running board numerals and 4 sets of number plates for the Canadian National Railways in S scale.

Click on the thumbnails above to see the larger images.
Andy Malette
M.L.W. Services
71 Rabbit Lane
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 5S8
416 626 8395

Ye Olde Huff And Puff--S scale boxcars and reefers. They also have figures and scratchbuilding supplies. Cast metal parts...

Kadee - S scale couplers and accessories including tools, centering springs, gear boxes, coupler height gauge, uncoupler etc... S scale Kadee couplers are #802 in black and #808 in brown. Note: O Scale #804/805 couplers will attach to S scale #802/808 and American Flyer knuckle couplers.

Kadee Quality Products Co.
673 Avenue C
White City, OR 97503-1078
Tel: (541) 826-3883 Fax: (541) 826-4013
To send e-mail to Kadee CLICK HERE.

Some "S" modelers will use the HO #5 coupler or the #33. I've found the #802 to be larger than the #5 and more forgiving. I've used the #33 on some American Models diesels that do not provide for enough allowance for 802 mounting. The #33 coupler gear box has a better fit than the #802 for these particular diesels.

Kadee S scale coupler height gauge

NASG S Scale coupler height gauge

American Model Builders

S scale detail parts as of February, 2003:

Kit No. 58 Square Chimney (2 pcs.) - MSRP...$6.95
Kit No. 96 3-Tab Shingles* - MSRP...$15.95
Kit No. 97 Hexagonal Shingles* - MSRP...$12.95
Kit No. 98 Rolled Roofing* - MSRP...$9.95
Kit No. 99 Diamond Shingles* - MSRP $12.95

Tomar Industries includes parts such as S scale drumheads, electronics, Hayes wheel stops, lighting and more....

9520 Napier Avenue
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Phone: (877) 697-9731 / Fax: (269) 944-1901

Standard Railway Castings Co. - detail parts for S scale.

Fine Hydorcal Castings in S Scale by C.C. Crow - scratchbuilding supplies, S scale brick stock patterns

Russ Downs sold his business. The new owner is Manheim Machine & Tool Co and I understand that they have most of the parts that Russ stocked, including the ACE S gauge trucks.

Manheim Machine & Tool Co
139 Nevin St
Lancaster, Pa. 17603
717 295-4966 or 717-394-7021
Marlin Becker owner
email may not be working


American Models -- Trucks, Wheelsets and Couplers now shown on the website.

Steadi*Rest® Car And Locomotive Cradles--Steadi*Rest® cradles are manufactured in the U.S.A. of polyurethane foam designed to gently support model trains for construction and maintenance tasks.

16 inch discontinued S Scale Steadi*Rest® cradle holding an AF® Pacific

The current price is $12.95 for the P/N 1004 (as of 7/30/11)
Direct orders please add $5.00 per item (max. $10.00) for shipping and handling within the continental U.S.

For more info contact:

P.O. Box 1142
Ben Lomond, CA 95005-1142
Phone: 408-336-2653 Fax: 408-336-4726


  River Raisin Models -- Steam locomotive parts in "S"...headlights, injectors, steps, numberboards, valves, bells and more...

6160 Upper Straits Blvd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48324.
Phone/Fax: (248) 366-9621.
E-mail Jim Kindraka at:

JAKS Industries, Inc. - Over 500 "S" scale detail parts. TRIANGLE Catalog $3.00 (check on price)

P.O. Box 1421C
913 6th St.
Golden, CO 80402

  The Scale Card -- tools for finescale measurements.

Sergent Engineering -- new S scale type E couplers fit nicely in an 802/803 type box and the shank is narrow enough to be used in a scale size box (not provided). The new part number is EC64. Price is $5 for two pair. The same local uncoupler (Part MS) used with the HO scale couplers works fine for the S scale version. These couplers will connect to an HO Kadee #5 but apparently do not mate with the Kadee S Scale #802.

To view NEW pics of the Sergent "S" scale couplers click below:

Pic # 1

Pic #2
Pic #3
Pic #4
Pic #5
Pic #6
Pics courtesy of Terry Harrison.

S Scale Loco & Supply - Steam locomotive parts. steam locomotive parts

S Scale Locomotive & Supply
P.O. Box 550
FAX: (610) 346-9178

Here's some sample parts available:

Turbogenerator, Pyle National.....SSL&S part #122.1 ..........$3.75 ea.
Turbogenerator, Sunbeam ..........SSL&S part #122.2 ..........$3.75 ea.
Pop Valves, triangular, 3 unit ...SSL&S part #116.1 ..........$2.75 ea.
Pop Valves, rectangular, 3 unit ..SSL&S part #116.2 ..........$2.75 ea.
Pop Valve w/ Whistle Combination .SSL&S part #116.5 ..........$2.75 ea. -- sells high quality brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless, and invar in small quantities and sizes designed to fit the needs of the hobbiest.

Surrey Custom Models of BC

NOTE: Alder Models was sold to Surrey Custom Models of BC - they made S Scale Derails and Switchstands. For the Derails (a device that prevents runaway rolling stock from causing extensive damage by actually derailing it before it enters the mainline)


P.B.L. Tool Page See their new end nippers for despruing of small plastic parts.

P.O. Box 769
Ukiah, CA 95482
phone 707-462-7680; Fax 707-468-7406.


Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source -- great prices on small nuts, bolts, screws for the hobbiest.

Steam Depot 2038 Center Street, Ashland, PA 17921; phone: (570) 875-4205; fax: (570) 875-2016-- Large supplier of thousands of S gauge products, often at discount prices. Catalog is $3.00 and well worth it!

Scenery Unlimited ;
7236 W. Madison Street
Forest Park, IL 60130
phone (708) 366-7763

Thousands of S products in stock. Owner Don Heimburger also publishes the "S Gaugian" magazine, available from the same address.

Royal Train Equipment offers railroad crossing signs in S Scale.

Royal Train Equipment
One Susan Circle
Norton, MA 02766

  Model Memories - finely detailed brass catenary, roofwalks, signals and other detail parts in S scale.

NorthWest Short Line --offers precision miniature 12v. DC motors suitable for S scale locomotives or other powered units; hobby tools, wheels, gears, gearboxes, motors, power drive units, code 88 wheelsets in 33" and 36" size, and more.. For further info & product listing send $1.00 for handling or $8.00 for a full catalog to:

Box 423
Seattle, WA 98111-0423
Phone: (206) 932-1087; Fax: (206) 935-7106.

Grandt-Line Products, Inc.--offers doors, windows and assorted building parts in S scale. Write to:

Grandt-Line Products, Inc.
1040 Shary Ct.
Concord, CA 94518

Often times Grandt Line doors and windows are included in S Scale building kits. This is the case with some of the Twin Whistle Co. structures that Doug Peck is offering through Port Lines Hobbies.
Some "S" modelers use Grandt Line doors when kitbashing a model from HO or building a structure from scratch.
Grandt Line does have a good selection of doors and windows in different sizes and styles. They are made of plastic and are easy to work with based on my own experience.

Plastruct - scratchbuilding supplies. Online catalog and order form.

The Colorado S Scale Connection--an exclusively S and Sn3 Hobby Shop with a catalog mail order business. This is an excellent glossy well-stocked catalog supplier. For your free (as of 12/97) catalog write to:

The Colorado S-Scale Connection
250 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Holgate & Reynolds makes embossed styrene brick sheet products in "S" scale. I use their products a lot. For more info contact:

Holgate & Reynolds
1007 Midway Road
Northbrook, IL 60062


Micro Mark: The Small Tool Specialists

Midwest Products Co., Inc. - scale wood - call for catalog/price list

405 South Indiana Street
P.O. Box 564
Hobart, IN 46342
1-219-942-1134; 1-800-348-3497

Des Plaines Hobbies

Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies; makers of dust-free, non-magnetic coal. There are three sizes of coal available, in S scale: Small=l"to l.5", Medium=1.9" to 2.2" and Large=1.9" to 4.3". Coal is available for all scales. If anyone would like free samples of the product to check out send a note with your mailing address to:

 Lee Collins/Scenic Meadows Supplies
1730 Scenic Meadows Drive
Imperial, MO 63052-1564

Scenic Meadows Supplies now has Sheet Lead Weights in 1/64", 1/32" & 1/16" thick x 3" x 6" sheets. This stuff is great for hiding weight in open cars & loco's. It cuts with scissors and forms by hand easily.

The 1/64" X 3" X 6" sheets are 2oz each & come 3 per package, 6 oz total.
The 1/32" X 3" X 6" sheets are 4oz each & come 2 per package, 8oz total.
The 1/16" X 3" X 6" sheets are 8oz each & come 1 per package, 8oz total.

Also Available--REAL Glass panes for structures, cabooses & passenger cars etc. For sizes and more info CLICK HERE.

Northeastern Scale Models - Scale wood - Catalog $1.00

P.O. Box 727
Methuen, MA 01844

Whiteground Model Works - S scale building supplies.

P.O. Box 273
Randallstown, MD 21133-0273

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber--manufacturer of top quality basswood strips fractional & S scale ($3.55/pkg 24" L) or available in bulk min. 100 pc./size S scale regular, switch & bridge ties (std. & narrow gauge available) $16.85/bag

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber
18647 Centre St.
Mt. Albert, Ont., Canada, L0G1M0
Ph.: (905) 473-3161 Fax: (905) 473-3891



The Original Whistle Stop, 2490 E, Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA, 796-7791, 796-7566 FAX. The Original Whistle Stop (Fred Hill and Brian Brooks) carries some S scale stuff, including the Grandt line of details parts.  -- supplier for 000 bolts, nuts and washers, and also for assorted tiny watch parts; gears, shafts, etc. for detailing stuff. !/2 oz. bag of parts is $3.00.

Small Parts, Inc. - 1-800-220-4242. Ask for a catalog.

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