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How to Contribute
How to Contribute

This Crown Metal Products website relies on the support of its visitors to help it grow and improve. New content is always needed, especially for trains that are not yet featured here. If you have photos or information about any Crown train or railroad, please follow the instructions below on how to share it on this site.

  • Photos: Please send photos, if possible, as the highest quality .jpg files you have. I will resize them if neccesary before posting them. Please attach photos to an e-mail and send to
  • Roster additions and corrections: One of my first goals for this site is to fill in all the gaps in the roster. If you know of an engine that isn't listed, or if you can fill in a blank for a current listing, please send me an e-mail with your information.
  • Assistance with writing aritlcles: If you are particularly knowlegeable about a particular Crown locomotive, train, or railroad, you may want to consider helping with an article for this site. Eventually, I would like to have an article with for each current and past Crown operation. Each article will require a page or two of information and some photos that have not already been featured elsewhere on this site. You dont need to write the article yourself if you dont want to, but your input will help make it better. If you have suggestions or input for upcoming articles, please send me an e-mail.
  • Catalogs, Drawings, and Memorabilia: If you are lucky enough to own a Crown catalog, brochure, blueprint, or other document, please scan it as a high quality .jpg file and send it as an e-mail attachment to

Due to copyright law, any content you submit to this site must be your property or you must have permission from the copyright holder to submit it.

Thanks for your efforts to support and improve this site.
This site is © 2003 by Sam Shull. All contributers to the site retain copyrights to their own work and all content on this site is used by permission. This site is in no way affiliated with Crown Metal Products or any of the parks and railroads presented here.