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since August 1, 2003.

Welcome to the Unofficial Crown Fansite

Worlds of Fun #33     Welcome to the unofficial website of Crown Metal Products. Between 1960 and the late 1980s, Crown produced over fifty steam locomotives for the amusement park industry. The engines ranged from small 15" gauge models to full size 36" gauge 4-4-0s. While Crown as a company ceased to exist in the early 1990s, most of their products continue to operate in parks around the country. This website is dedicated to sharing the story of Crown Metal Products with railfans everywhere.
Icon by Ed Kelley

Most of this site is still under construction. Please enjoy what is already here and check back for updates in the next few weeks.

The creation of this website would not have been possible without "A Short History of the 36" Crown Locomotives", by Dennis Larrick. This article is an authoritative technical description of the Crown locomotive and includes a detailed list of every 36" engine ever built. It can be found on Matt Conrad's Parktrains Website.

Thanks to Ed Kelley for providing the great icons like the one on this page.

This website relies heavily on the contributions of visitors to help it grow and improve. If you have information or photos of Crown trains, we would love to see them on the site. Please visit the How to Contribute page and see how you can help.

About me: My name is Sam Shull and I am a 17 year old railfan from Omaha, NE. My greatest railroading interests are in narrow gauge steam and parktrains. I am currently a conductor on the Omaha Zoo's railroad (Crown #119) and hopefully I will learn to be a fireman and engineer next season. Comments or Questions? Please e-mail me.

This site is © 2003 by Sam Shull. All contributers to the site retain copyrights to their own work and all content on this site is used by permission. This site is in no way affiliated with Crown Metal Products or any of the parks and railroads presented here.