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Unit Coal Train Symbols

Revised 03/03/98

Symbol          Destination                     Consignee

UAC             Solvay, NY                      HYDRACO
UAD             Allicia, PA                     Consol
UAE             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UAF             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UAM             Alsen, NY                       Independent Cement
UAN             Ravena, NY                      Blue Circle Cement
UAT             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UAZ             Ashtabula, OH                   various consignees
UBA             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UBB             Bethlehem, PA                   Bethlehem Steel
UBE             Chicago, IL                     Koch Carbon
UBH             Burns Harbor, IN                Bethelehm Steel
UBL             Buffalo-Seneca, NY              Bethlehem Steel
UBO             GRS/Bow, NH                     Public Service of New Hampshire
UBT             Baltimore, MD                   Consol
UCA             Ashtabula, OH                   Cleveland Electric Illuminating
UCE             Shannon Run, OH                 Cleveland Electric Illuminating
UCH             Carney's Point, NJ              DuPont
UCI             Willoughby, OH                  Cleveland Electric Illuminating
UCO             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UCP             Cromby, PA                      PECO Energy
UCR             Roseton, NY                     Central Hudson Power
UCS             Chase, MD                       Baltimore Gas & Electric
UCU             Conneaut, OH                    various consignees
UDD             Dayton, OH                      Dayton Power
UDE             Edgemoor, DE                    Delmarva Power
UDK             Carney's Point, NJ              Atlantic City Electric
UDM             Monroe, MI                      Detroit Edison
UDN             Dunkirk, NY                     Niagara Mohawk
UDP             Palermo, NJ                     Atlantic City Electric
UDR             River Rouge, MI                 Detroit Edison
UDT             Toledo, OH                      various consignees
UDW             CSXT/NS destinations            Consol          
UDZ             Ashtabula, OH                   Detroit Edison
UEA             Ashtabula, OH                   Peabody Coal
UEH             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UEK             Rochester, NY                   Eastman Kodak
UEP             Eddystone, PA                   PECO Energy
UFD             Shamokin Dam, PA                PP&L
UFM             Martin's Creek, PA              PP&L
UFS             Strawberry Ridge, PA            PP&L
UFY             York Haven, PA                  PP&L
UGE             Ecorse, MI                      Great Lakes Steel
UGP             Glassport, PA                   various consignees
UGS             Provo, UT                       Geneva Steel
UHC             Harriet, NY                     Niagara Mohawk Power
UHE             Hercules, PA                    Hercules Cement
UIR             Indian River, DE                Delmarva Power
UJH             Glassport, PA                   various consignees
UJL             Leetsdale, PA                   various consignees
UKC             Bath, PA                        Keystone Cement
UKD             Dover, DE                       Kraft General Foods
UKF             New Florence, PA                KEYCON
UKK             Shelocta, PA                    KEYCON
ULB             LaBelle, PA                     various consignees
ULK             Baltimore, MD                   Consol
ULP             Alsen, NY                       Lehigh Portland Cement
UMD             Middletown, OH                  Armco Steel
UMO             Morgantown, MD                  PEPCO
UMP             Morgantown, MD                  PEPCO
UMR             Reading, PA                     Metropolitan Edison
UMT             GRS/Mount Tom, NH               Northeast Utilities
UNB             Baileytown, IN                  NIPSCO
UNC             Corning, NY                     NYSEG
UND             Dresden, NY                     NYSEG
UNE             Johnson City, NY                NYSEG
UNF             Niagara Falls, NY               Universal Development Group
UNI             Michigan City, IN               NIPSCO
UNL             Ludlowville, NY                 NYSEG
UNS             Somerset, NY                    NYSEG
UNW             Wheatfield, IN                  NIPSCO
UOH             Ashtabula, OH                   Ontario Hydro
UOR             Tomkin's Cove, NY               Orange & Rockland Utilities
UPC             GTW/Erie, MI                    Consumers Power
UPE             Hobson, OH                      American Electric Power
UPH             Herbert, MD                     PEPCO
UPL             Newell, PA                      Three Rivers Coal
UPP             Homestead, PA                   American Coal Reserves
UPS             Portland, PA                    Metropolitan Edison
UPT             Port Amherst, WV                Beth Energy
URB             Rochester, NY                   Rochester Gas & Electric 
URD             Shannon Run, OH                 Consol
URN             Rochester, NY                   Rochester Gas & Electric
USC             Shenango, PA                    Ontario Hydro
USD             Shamokin Dam, PA                PP&L
USG             Spring Grove, PA                PH Glatfelter
USR             Carthage, NY                    Champion Paper
UTM             Trenton, MI                     Detroit Edison
UUG             Gary, IN                        US Steel
UUM             Martin's Creek, PA              PP&L
UUS             Strawberry Ridge, PA            PP&L            
UUY             York Haven, PA                  PP&L
UWE             UP/Chicago, IL                  various Wisconsin Electric plants
UWL             Clairton, PA                    various consignees
UWP             UP/Weston, WI                   Wisconsin Public Service
UWT             Watertown, NY                   Black River
UWX             Ashtabula, OH                   Wisconsin Public Service
UWZ             Ashtabula, OH                   Wisconsin Electric
UXC             Baltimore, MD                   Consol
UXT             Rivesville,WV                   CSXT destinations

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