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Fort Plain, NY

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On Thursday, January 21st, 1999 train NFSE-1 powered by CSXT C40-8W

7687, CSXT C40-8W 7901, B23-7 1962, C30-7A 6555, and SD60M 5529 and

consisting of 129 loads and 12 empties weighing 14,387 tons derailed 31

cars along the Mohawk River The exact point of derailment of train NFSE-1

was at milepost 199.7 on the Chicago Line in Fort Plain, NY. The 36th

through 67th head cars derailed. The train had been last reported by

CP-203, NY at 17:56 EST. Twenty of the derailed cars contained hazardous

materials; 15 loads of propane and 5 loads of styrene. Nine loaded

multi-level autoracks were also involved in the derailment. Detours

operated via alternate Conrail routes, the NYS&W, and the D&H. The clean up

process took nearly three days due to the nature of the cargo involved and

the location. The New York State Thruway was also closed by the derailment.

Luckily, there were no injuries. The following sequence of photographs

document the cleanup operation.

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