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Layout Tour #2: Dave Mehew On30

Cold Creek No. 1 - is a Bachman 0-4-2 modified by myself. I changed the smoke stack, replaced the oil headlight with an electric headlight, added whistle and bell pull cords, added other details and weathered it and lettered it for my own road, The CCRY.


Layout Tour #2: Dave Mehew On30

Here are a few photos by Charles Hicks

The wharf scene is incomplete; it will be the dock for my scratch built lake tug boat, the Osprey Lake Tug Service. The barge has to be completed and I plan a small stone office building. I think I will use 'Das' on a wooden box like frame for this building.

Barn Scene - these are all S Scale buildings; log house and red barn built by myself and taken from my old S Scale layout. Vehicles, farm implements and people are all S Scale. This scene was used to force the perspective.

Watson'Garage was modeled after the prototype building in Cumberland Ontario. It is NOT an exact duplicate but is similar.