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Layout Tour #1: The Peterborough connection

CP 8434 RS-3 was an American Models repainted and detailed.


Layout Tour #1: The Peterborough Connection

The gathering of S scalers in Peterborough in March included Ron Scott, one of our hosts, Charles Hicks, John Johnston, Oliver Clubine, Jim Martin from St. Catharines and myself. Dave Mehew, a former S scaler who has incorporated parts of his former S scale layout in his On30 layout, was the other host. Oliver brought along a couple of his finished CNR vans. Very impressive. There were also a bunch of chaps from the Coburg Model RR club but they model in a smaller scale.
Ron and Dave have held a number of S scale gatherings in spring past and decided they were due for another one. They also wanted us to view their two new layouts. Both are beautifully scenicked and fully operational. Ron was operating CPR and TH&B switchers on his around the wall layout. Dave's features a bunch of critter locomotives and shorty rolling stock. It also has a lot of great little vignette type scenes.
Text by Alex Binkley and photos by Charles Hicks

Here are a few photos

The TH&B Cylindrical Hopper was one of Bill Ferguson's Pacific Rail cars, that Ron redid. I think it was left out in the rain and shrunk. The Koppers tank car looks like an AF conversion