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S-Canada on the move
S-Canada va de l’avant


What about the Maple Leaf NMRA 2003 convention?

What a nice gathering of several CSSQ members at the NMRA 2003 convention in Toronto this past july.

We had several enjoyable meets during these few days in Toronto and I finally met several of the members whom I chat on the internet with! Also was able to attend the clinics given by Alex Binkley and Ed Loizeaux and another one given by Jim Martin both which promoted 'S' scale. Also Chris Abbott gave an excellent clinic on the NFLD Railway with plenty of slides. I learned a great deal about this railway.
Here are a few photos of the Convention with CSSQ members:
from left to right Ed Loizeaux, Dave Jasper, Alex Binkley, Simon Parent, Dan Kirlin, Jeff English, Andy Malette, Denis Fortier and Manfred Lesser.
from left to right Denis Fortier, Ed Loizeaux, Chris Abbott, Dave Jasper, Alex Binkley, Jim Martin and Brian Walsh.
Brian Walsh and Chris Abbott with their NFLD Railway display!
My two entries for the color model railway photo contest.

Note that my railway vest has two S-Canada patches…how come you don’t show off yours?

Denis Fortier, S-Canada président