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UPDATE!! On Jan 31 2006, CSX offically stopped running trains from Chatham to Sarnia. Over half the line from Wallaceburg south to Chatham was abbandoned, the section just north of the CP/CSX dimond in Chatham and south to Blenhim has been sold to CN. Thus all traffic now originates out of Sarnia and is hualed to the CN yard by CSX crews and CSX locomotives. This has been the only change so far in Sarnia. Also note there are longer CP rail units being used becasue there are no trains to Chatham anymore. This was quite a sad time on the CSX, many employees uncertain about their future on the railroad here. The rumor of CSX switching over to leased CN power has not happend as of yet. The state of former CSX buildings along the abbandoned and CN purchased parts of the line are unknow at this time.