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Current Operations

Current Operations

Currently the only operational part of CSX's Canadian system left is in Sarnia and south as far as Wallaceburg. Since the abbandoment of the line form Wallaceburg to Chatham and the sale of Chatham to Blenhim to CN, the only trains on CSX are now operating in Sania, all traffic is deleiverd to CN in Sarnia by CSX crews and trains.

Trains on the Line:

Trains on the CSX Canadina divission are ordered based on order time.

Discountinued D725- This train is the early morning Sarnia to Chatham and return train, orderd in the early morning anywhere from 0400-0600. This train runs down to Chatham with CP power, but operates with the regular CSX crews from Sarnia. Once arriving in Chatham the entire train is intercahnged with the CP in Chatham. The CSX crew then proceedes back to Sarnia with a new set of CP power. This train often outlaws on the way back up to Sarnia due to the numerous slow orders, although some days it manages to make it back in before the crew times out.

Discountinued D724- This train can be on eof two trains, it is either the releif crew for the D725 if that particlular train happens to outlaw then D724 will go and pick it up. If D725 happens not to outlaw then D724 operates as the CSX road switcher train, ussually consisting of two CSX GP38-2 units. On Mon/Wed/Fri the roadswitcher works south Sarnia to Wallaceburg, this train is ordered in the early afternoon. On Tues/Thur the roadswitcher works between Belnhim and Wallaceburg primarily for grain traffic. The CSX power for these tues/thur trains gose along with the D725 in the morning to Chatham, once the gre in ordered for the roadswitcher in the early afternoon in Chatham the power is already there waiting for them. This train will then work it's way back up to Sarnia.

Discountinued D722- Assumming D725 has outlawed and the D724 has left to pick up the 725 then the roadswitcher train mentioned above will assume the number of D722.

CSX transfer- operating seven days a week, the transfer train, ussing CSX crews and power, deleivers and picks up cars to and from the CN yard in Sarnia. This traffic was all formerly handeled by the D725 train. The train departs CSX around 11 AM on Mon-Sat and spends roughly and hour at the CN yard, on Sundays the leave CSX around 12pm and are back around 1pm. The power consists of the local GP38-2's, used in pairs, however singel units as well as 3 have been spotted thus far.

Yard assingments- Four yard jobs numbered Y120 through Y123 work daily in the Sarnia yard limits. These trains ussually run with a singel CSX GP38-2. Weekends see fewer yard assingments and Sundays may only see one yard jon ending by the early afternoon.

Assigned Locomotives:

Although I'm unshure if these locomotives are truely assinged to the Canadian Division then have operated here for the past number of years. Leaving only for repair work that could not be done in Sarnia. All units are GP38-2 's.

#2561, #2566, #2570, #2574, #2575, #2579 (wrecked in Sarnia, Jan 2005) #2613, #2630 (replaced the wrecked unit for a short period) #2672, #2690, #2697


CSX has two cabooses stationed in Sarnia, stored in the yard they are sometimes used for backup switching movements. CSXT #900032 and CSXT 900074.