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CSX Railfan Magazine "Observations & Views"

"Observations & Views"

10-26-99 ~The CSX (OCS) office car special has been on the move and powered by CSX's 2 newly painted and refurbished exAMTRAK F40-PH's. The special is making its rounds of the system following a october safety first campaign. The special was seen in Baltimore on the 26th. As I write this, the special is on its way to Cumberland, Md. then supposed to go south. JG.
10-22-99 ~CSX will paint MOW and roadway repair equipment in a lime yellow scheme this year. Studies show that fire trucks painted in lime yellow are more visible from a distance, therefore a bigger safety margin is acheived. Engines currently painted in orange, will be repainted as they are brought in for repair or the scheduled 92 day (Q) services on each piece. Roadway equipment will be painted as well. JG.
10-15-99 ~Rumors floating around Baltimore, that crews will soon be sent as far south as Rocky Mount, North Carolina in an attempt to keep the trains rolling. Crews on the east end out of Baltimore now go to New Jersey and New York making the trip longer than its original Philadelphia termination. Currently, it can take a crew as long as the 12 allowed hours to reach Richmond from Baltimore and vice versa. JG.
6-25-99 ~CSX has finished testing GPS (global positioning satellite) on 25 C40-8Ws and decided they will go forward to be the first Railroad in the country to use GPS as standard equipment on its newer power. CSX has contracted electronics company G. E. HARRIS to build and install transmitter\receivers on 2800 of its newer locomotives. CSX has found GPS to be excellent in locating locomotive's for less idle time, less discrepancies in loco management and a host of other reasons. JG.