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About CSX Railfan Magazine !

  CSX Railfan Magazine is a bi-monthly online magazine focused on CSX from a railfan or train buff's viewpoint. With the help of many friends, employees and cyber-railfans, we will bring you interesting stories, accounts and multimedia material from points around the CSX system.

Contributions are always the best way to keep us close to and up to date on our favorite railroad. Send yours to:


Hello, my name is Joey Gonciarz (Editor & Creator). In 1998, Bryan Jones and I wanted a place to share our ideas and material with online friends. We enlisted our close friends who had a mutual interest in what we trying to accomplish. We created a website within the TRAINWEB.COM organization to do just that. Our first attempt was a small site called Pro Railfans Online, which grew in size over the course of the year. WIth that site, we met many new friends and had a great time traveling and gathering material for what we found to be a great success, a place to view photos and video, hear sounds and establish a note worthy railfan information spot on the web.

I have always enjoyed working with our group while creating and implementing new ideas. In mid 1999, a server crash (on our host server) caused the loss of our uploaded and already online material. This material included some 55 video clips, hundreds of photos and HTML pages, dozens of sound clips and many other items. After much debate, we decided NOT to redo everything that took us so long to create in the first place, rather start over with the lessons we had learned, and create something new and (so called) improved. This brings us to where you are now - CSX Railfans Online!

With a simpler design, for easy updates and maintenance, we have created a magazine style website to display feature stories, photos, video clips, sounds and various other informative material with only CSX as our focus. We hope you will enjoy seeing our material as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Look forward to a new issue of CSX Railfan Magazine approximately every 2 months.

Thanks and enjoy it,

Joey Gonciarz ( Creator, editor, photographer and writer) - FORMER-CSX mechanical, locomotive operations - Baltimore, Maryland. Now with Norfolk Southern Corp.- Engineer\Conductor
Meet our hard working staff !
  Bryan Jones (Feature writer, roster and locomotive feature editor) - Bryan attends college and lives near Louisville, Kentucky.
  Denny Fisher (Our resident photographer and feature writer) - Denny owns his on business and lives in the Cumberland, Maryland area.
  Bob Loehne (Contributing feature writer ) - Bob owns and operates "American Alta Vista Video Company". Bob, who lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina, is an avid railfan and charter member of the NRHS.
  Matt Grant (Section editor) - Matt works for CSX as a carman inspector in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  Patrick Phalen (Our Local CSX railfan and feature writer) - Patrick, who is in High School and has a part time job, lives near Popes Creek, Maryland
  Todd Crone (Contributing writer and photographer) - Todd is an veteran engineer for CSX. Todd works on the Baltimore Division out of Brunswick, Maryland.
  Kris Hazen (Contributing writer and photographer) - Kris is a conductor for CSX. Kris lives in Johnson City, Tennessee and works out of nearby Erwin, Tennessee.
Many other have helped us along the way, we would like to thank (CSX engineer) Tom Cahill, Tony Kimmel, J. Eric Landrum, (Maryland Midland conductor) Chris Bobb, Rich Borkowski and (Shane, Glen, Mike, Andy) who are members of the Cumberland Station Gang!