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ex s.p. 3833 in s.f.
Ex-SP GP-9's
in San Francisco

Former SP GP-9E's 3833 and 3842 are have been kept quite busy doing
work train duty on the SF Peninsula. With all of the work to be done for the
Ponderosa Project (major track and signal rehab project), you can find these
two hauling ballast trains and other types of construction material between
San Francisco and San Jose. If you have any other info that you would like to share, please email me.

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This is how 3833 appeared on April 24th, 1999 at 4th and Townsend in SF.

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Recently repainted 3833 and 3842 together in San Francisco at 7th and Townsend.
Also cabooses 4727 and 4736. Anybody know the history on these?
Photo taken 9/30/99

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Too bad they didn't throw on a Gyra-Lite package!

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Another view of the two from King Street.
Above photos D.Furtado

Frank Caron adds this...

SP 3842 was originally built in February of 1959 as TNO 453, then SP 3657 and later to 3842 in December of 1976 after rebuilding.

SP 3833 was originally built in March of 1959 as SP 5811, then SP 3674 and later to 3833 in April of 1976 after rebuilding.

Both are Phase III GP 9's, this is most noticeable by the three large 48" fans on the roof of the unit, early GP9's had 4 36" fans for cooling
and a 1 48" fan for dynamics.

The frame # for 3842 is 5596-05 and serial # is 25149.

The frame # for 3833 is 5595-43 and serial # is 25142.

Both units were retired sometime in late 1997 to early 1998.

The information came from the 1995 SP Motive Power Annual by Bill Shippen and 4 Ways West Publishing.

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3842 getting a new coat of paint in 1999.
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3842 working the coach yard in Oakland
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3833 dumping ballast at at Bayshore. (6/98)

Frank also suggested that the units are on a lease-to-own deal. Anyone that can confirm this please write.

Above three photos by Frank Caron
Check out Frank's site on Bay Area railroads!
Scott Thomas adds this...(10/1/99)


Both engines and cabooses are ex-SP. They all still retain their SP numbers. Caltrain has been leasing them (from who?) for work trains on the
Peninsula. I think they were specifically leased for the Ponderosa Project currently in progress. See this link for more info:


While I was there...

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...I also caught the departure of the southbound commute train for San Jose at 3:15pm.
Led by recently rebuilt #915 as it rounds the curve to run alongside 7th Street. San Francisco skyline in

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For the signal buffs I snapped this shot of the cantilever signal tower that protects the yard. I've seen
many picture taken of steam powered Daylights and commuters passing this same tower. These towers
were once very common on SP and Santa Fe, but are slowly disappearing.

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Some changes that have recently taken place at the old diesel servicing area...most of the tracks have been removed and a chain link
fence has been added around the Townsend Street side of the yard. Also the old green fiberglass fence has been removed.

Photos by D. Furtado  9/30/99

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