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Photos of original Southern Pacific mainline at Harrison Street in San Francisco.
Views of Harrison St. in San Francisco
a few years before the Southern Pacific tracks were removed.

  The tracks that once ran down Harrison Street were once part of the original Southern Pacific mainline that runs from San Francisco to San Jose. After the Bayshore Cutoff (shortcut between San Francisco and San Bruno) was completed in December 1907, the railroad kept the line for local use. The original line was noted for it's steep grade as it climbed out of The City, as well as the "backyard" sections that ran through the Mission District. The line was finally severed near Bernal Cut (now San Jose Avenue) during the 1940's or '50's (still trying to confirm the exact date).
     The purpose of this page is to display some black and white 8x10's that I recently found at a flea market in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I do not know who the photographer is or exactly when these photos were taken. All of the photos were taken right around 17th and Harrison streets. I am guessing that they were shot in 1991 (by a registration tag on one of the cars!). The tracks have since been removed.
     I am looking for more photos of South of Market rail action. Even pictures of street trackage would be great.
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View looking south down Harrison st. just before 17th st. Note two main tracks and a third siding on the left. Also, barely visible, is another siding that branches off to the right. The building at right has since been removed.

This is a northbound view on Harrison st. between 1th and 17th streets (downtown in distance). Two main tracks and a crossover. The large mural on the building to the left was recently whitewashed over, a subject of controversy for Mission District residents.

Corner of Harrison and 17th Streets looking southeast. Two main tracks and a siding to the left. There also appears to be a siding that ran along the sidewalk in front of this building.

Same building as above, but from Alabama and 17th streets.

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