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Wigwags By Laurence Granfield page 1
Wigwag Photo Collection
By Laurence J. Granfield III

Laurence Granfield from Southern California has sent quite a few pictures from his wigwag photo
collection which spans over 30 years! He's gotten around too...several parts of California are
covered here, as well as other states like Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arizona and others.
Some of these wigwags are still around, but most are long gone. Larry pops up in a few of the pictures too!

Select a group of photos:
Page 1 Alameda Corridor, Redlands CA, Calexico
Page 2 Alameda Corridor, Bell CA
Page 3 Bell CA, Redlands CA
Page 4 Calipatria Ca, Calexico
Page 5 Seeley CA, Lodi CA
Page 6 Strassburg CO, Corona CA, Harper KA, Phoenix AZ
Page 7 Wytheville VA, Ventura CA, Redlands CA
Page 8 Ligurta AZ, Los Angeles CA
Page 9 Beaumont CA, Lodi CA, Banning CA
Page 10 Box Canyon Rd., Susanville CA, Berkeley CA
Page 11 Phoenix AZ, Lafayette LA, Carrolton MO
Page 12 Lodi CA, Lafayette LA
Page 13 Ligurta AZ, Beaumont CA, Klamath Falls OR
Page 14 Roseville CA, San Diego CA, Ventura County CA, 
Page 15 Carpinteria CA, Norden CA, Penryn CA, San Diego CA
Page 16 Loomis CA, Gold Run CA, San Jose CA, 
Page 17 Lathrop CA, Galt CA, El Cerrito/Albany CA, Corona CA
Page 18 Newark CA, Oceanside CA, Patrick NV
Page 19 Appleton Wis., E. Kansas City MO
Page 20 Grafton ND

All photos from the collection of Laurence Granfield III.
Also thanks to Jim Heston for scanning plates 1-17.