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Oregon wigwags p2
Oregon Wigwags


Wigwag retired in 2016. Signal went to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland.
Updated photos!
Bob Pocan caught the LORAM rail grinder 
at Ashland on 2/11/02...
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More Ashland (from 1999)...

Click to enlarge Located on Oak St. in Asland Oregon, this signal protects the CORP/Siskiyou Line rails. Very well maintained!
Nice detail shot of the Ashland wigwag banner. 
Notice that the banner is attached by 2 U-bolts.
The outer clamp seems to be missing.
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Click to enlarge Close-up of Magnetic Signal base at Ashland. It's a little different than most that I've seen. Compare with this one in Santa Cruz, Ca.

3 photos by Ted Weldon


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