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Goldray Dam wigwag
Oregon Wigwags

Medford (Tolo Road)
Update (4/18/03)
This wigwag was removed in April, 2003...

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Photo by Ted Weldon.
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Photo by Larry Tuttle.
On the former Southern Pacific Siskiyou Line stands this wigwag. Between Medford and Grants Pass the road follows the river from Tolo to Gold Hill, there is a old dirt road that also follows the river.  At Goldray Dam about 2 miles from Tolo the road crosses the track and there is a single wigwag guarding that crossing. This signal has seen better days. Look at that banner light...looks like some kind of truck light replacement! Acording to Rick Perry, Signal Tech for CORP, this wigwag has been beat on many times by kids with baseball bats.

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Caught in action in Sept., 1999. GP-38 #3811 running long hood forward.
According to Larry Tuttle, this particular unit seems to run better this way.

Dan Furtado photo (9/99)

Tolo Road Detail Shots

Back in July, 1999, CORP decided to replace the banner on the
wigwag at Tolo Road. As you can see in the pictures above, it
was pretty well shot. It was an easy target for vandalism. Ted
Weldon went down there with his digital camera
and sent in the following detail shots of the wigwag and its new banner:

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Brand new banner. Looks sharp!
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Side View with Rogue River in background
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Detail shot from behind. Notice rubber flex pipe spliced in to prevent damage from over-sized vehicles.
This is a reproduction banner, known as a "Van Dyke" banner, named for the company in Sacramento, Ca. that made a run of these during the 80's and 90's. These were desigened by SP specs.
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What a difference a new banner can make!


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