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Willamette Shore Trolley wigwag  
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Willamette Park Xing
Sellwood Yacht Club
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Willamette Shore Trolley

The Willamette Shore Trolley runs from Portland south to Lake Oswego. Originally constructed in the 1880's, it served as an electric Trolley line until 1929. SP Red Electrics once ran on that line. After 1929, the line served as a freight line for SP until 1984, at which time SP abandoned the line and it was taken over by the State. Historic trolley cars are now run on that line by the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society. More detailed information can be found at their website.

There are three remaining wigwags on that line, all of which operate and have uniquely painted banners. All three are of the classic "SP" style installation, and still have their Magnetic Signal cases. Thanks to Russell Myjak for sending in photos.

A video of one of these wigwags was posted to YouTube
by deloreanman14 - click logo below to view:

Willamette Park Xing
This wigwag was removed in 2016 due to a bridge construction project.
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Going from north to south, this is the first crossing where you will find a wigwag. Notice the custom
painted banner. All banners on this line say either "Trolley xing" or "Stop for Trolley".

Update - 7/08
This wigwag was damaged and removed from service. Brian Sopke, Roadmaster for the
Willamette Shore Trolley explains...
The wig-wag located at Willamette Park (Nebraska Street) has been removed
from service as of April 2008. We believe that a garbage truck hit the wig-wag
doing fatal damage to the mechanism. It was decided by those in charge to remove
it as replacement parts are scarce. The crossing is now a 4-way stop. Our head
signal guy and I  removed the mechanism from the mast this past weekend.
The mast will be removed in the near future. Fortunately we still have the
other two wig-wags still doing their job for the forseeable future.

Sellwood Yacht Club
(Macadam Bay Xing)

Last wigwag standing in Oregon

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Next crossing down is at the entrance to the Sellwood Yacht Club, or Macadam Bay xing.
Another all original SP style wigwag, complete with original Magnetic Signal base. One of their
historic street cars passes by. Note lettering on banner pole. Not sure exactly what
it says, but I hear that it is some sort of religious phrase .

Riverwood Xing
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The southern most wigwag is located at Riverwood. Because the electric lines are
long gone, they use a generator car to power the streetcars.

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Close up of the Magnetic Signal base at Riverwood. Only in the Pacific Northwest
would you find that much moss on a wigwag!

The Willamette Trolley Line runs along the western shore of the river. It closely parallels Highway 43. The three wigwags are closer to the center of the line near the Sellwood Bridge. (2 north of bridge, and one south)

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