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We finally have a picture of the wigwag at Lebanon. Unfortunately,
time may have run out for this one. The last train passed this location on
Tuesday, January 25, 2000. The above photo was taken from that train.

(This wigwag was retired in 2008)

A video of this wigwag was posted to YouTube
by "westr" - click on logo below:

Camron Settlemier adds more:

"There may be some hope for the Berlin Road wig-wag on the Albany & Eastern at Lebanon. There is talk of opening a rock quarry 5 miles up the line from Lebanon, and shipping the rock out by rock train. (This quarry is owned by Morse Brothers, and they have successful rock trains running on the nearby Portland & Western.) If that happens, then two trains a day would go by the crossing. But for now, the wig-wag stands silent."

The above picture is a video frame capture of the Berlin Road wig-wags in what might be its last seconds of life. The view is from the floor looking out the rear of the caboose on the last run headed back to Lebanon. January 25, 2000.


This wigwag was retired in March 2007

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This wigwag was finally "discovered" by Camron Settlemier in
January 2000. Story follows:

"Following a tip from Eric, I decided to go on a wild goose chase in search of the mythical lost wig-wag of the former Spokane, Portland and Seattle Astoria branch. Only I ended up bagging the goose. I knew there was not a wig-wag on the line anywhere from Willbridge to Wauna, so I started at Wauna and worked my way towards Astoria. I checked Bradwood, no dice. I figured the most likely spot would be near Brownsmead, but no dice. Brownsmead does have a nice old Grange and Schoolhouse near the tracks however. Next was Knappa. The atlas showed only one crossing at Knappa, so when I got there, I saw a wooden bridge going over the tracks. I was about to turn around when I noticed that there was a T in the road on the other side of the bridge. So I drove over the bridge,
and just down the tracks, there she stood at another crossing! And what a nice location for one. Looks very much like a SP style lower quadrant wig-wag. While the base said "The Railroad Supply Co Chicago", the wig-wag itself is from Magnetic Flagman Co of Los Angeles.  The wig-wag is located on Waterhouse Rd near the siding of Knappa, though no town exists there. The road is very rural and out of the way, although it does see a little traffic. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the Portland and Western railroad line, as there is no service past Wauna. P&W re-cleared the line to Astoria last year in the hopes of re-establishing service to Astoria, but that has not happened so far. It
looks like the wig-wag is in good shape and hooked up should a train ever come by."

For a map to Knappa, click here...
The "X" marks Knappa.

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Detail shot of banner. Many layers of paint are evident, as well as some kind of replacement lens hood. (notice no visor)


"... I saw a curiosity in Astoria: in many locations there were crossing warnings with bells but no lights. I saw in one location where there had obviously been lights at one time but no longer. All the installations were too new to be former (remodeled) wig-wags. Anybody know the story of these?"

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Partial signal in Astoria.

All photos this page by Camron Settlemier 1/2000


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