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Oregon wigwags p2
Oregon Wigwags

Medford  (11th Street)
Signal retired in 2016. Signal went to the Medford Railroad Park in Medford.
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This wigwag is on the 11th St. crossing in downtown Medford.  The surrounding buildings are pear packing houses.  At one time this all went south in PFE reefers, now it's all by truck.

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Detail shot of the base. Notice that this in not a Magenetic Signal Company base. This was made by Union Switch and Signal Company, these are usually used for semaphore, target signals and relay boxes, and once in a while, a wigwag.

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Close up of motor and banner from behind. Banner on this one is in good s
hape and seems to be all original. Interesting make-shift power drop!

Ashland and Medford photos 7/20/99 by Ted Weldon


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