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Oregon Wigwags

Round Prairie (Dillard)  (Dole Road)


Stan Praisewater has a video of this wigwag in action on Youtube.

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This wigwag is located on Dole Rd at Round Prarie (north of Myrtle Creek). This shot shows both the wigwag and the Union Switch & Signal relay box. This particular installation is interesting because it is set up in reverse. Usually the signal would be on this side of the tracks, with the banner mounted forward (bell facing opposite side of signal). I believe that this was set up up this way because of the sharp curve this road takes as it approaches the crossing.
Another view of the Dole Rd. wigwag 
showing crossbuck on the same side of the crossing. 
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Closer inspection of the banner would reveal that the lens is secured with duct tape. This wigwag retains it's original Magnetic Signal Co. base.


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This wigwag received a new banner during the summer of 2001. 
Larry Tuttle catches the Roseburg-Glendale Hauler as it passes the Dole Road wigwag at Round Prairie (Douglas County), Oregon. Rick Perry, signal maintainer for CORP, recently replaced the banner on this wigwag with a new reproduction banner. 

The original banner was sent to me (Dan) by Larry Tuttle and is undergoing restoration. Plans are for it to go back into service at Hugo within the next few months.

Once again, Ted gives us directions:

Take exit 113 on I-5 south of Roseburg, Dole road is on the west side of the freeway. Take a left on Dole road and go until you pass back under the freeway, it's right after you pass under.  This wigwag is also visible from the northbound lane of I-5 as you cross the bridge.
Dole Road photos 8/15/99


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