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New Mexico wigwags  
New Mexico
Wagon Mound
San Felipe

Wagon Mound

Mark Debronski informs us that this wigwag has
been removed. Presumably around 11/01
There are now no wigwags left in New Mexico.

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Eric Schmelz of send in this action shot
from Wagon Mound. A BNSF freight passes by with the
Style T-2 semaphore visible between the boxcars.
Photo by Eric Schmelz, 9/99.

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Night shot be Steve Crise (1998)
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Another view looking east from street, quite timeless actually. This wigwag happens to be a Minneapolis buit signal. The only noticeable difference is that it says "Minneapolis Minn"  instead of "Los Angeles Cal" on the front of the motor box. These were built later.

For a map to Wagon Mound, click here.

Above 2 photos by Larry Granfield. 10/20/99

San Felipe (Elota)
According to Brad Hellman, this wigwag was removed
sometime during 2001.

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Photo and info by Eric Scmelz. (9/99)

New Mexico's second wigwag is located on the boarder of the San Felipe Indian Reservation and the Santo
Domingo Pueblo Grant.It is equi-distant between the San Felipe Pueblo and Santo Domingo Pueblo on
the only road that directly connects these 2 towns. (in the grand scheme of
things it's roughly equi-distant between Albuquerque and Santa Fe).
This is another typical Santa Fe upper quadrant model.

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Another image by Evan Werkema taken in 1986.
This one has had a history of beat up banners.
Notice the 2 arms that extend from the front. Presumably
"stops" for the banner.

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