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Colorado Wigwags  
Rocky Ford


All of the wigwags on this page are located on the BNSF. All are of the upper quadrant variety,
and were built in Minneapolis. These were probably built during the late 1940's, as that's when
the Magnetic Signal Company was bought out by Griswold and moved to Minneapolis.

Canal St.

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photo by Larry Granfirld (10/99)
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photo by Mike Morrey (12/00)
This is a  Los Angeles built flagman.

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In action...(photo-Mike Morrey 12/00)

Beatty St.

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Close up if Beatty St. wigwag. Notice that it says 
"Minneapolis Minn" instead of "Los Angeles Cal" on 
the front. Other than this, they are pretty much the same.

Update - 6/2001:

This wigwag has been retired. Vic Cross sends the following photos and info:

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Caught in action by Vic Cross in March 1997.
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Seen here exactly 4 years later (3/15/01). Its work is done.
Vic Cross photo.

Vic adds that as of March, 2001 the Canal St. wigwag (top of page) was still in service.

Rocky Ford
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Another Minneapolis built wigwag, this one is located
on 7th St. View facing south.


Note: The Rocky Ford wigwag has been removed.
Upgraded to xing gates. (11/00


Update -  March 2021
The last active mainline wigwag in the US was retired on 3/9/21. Plans are for the
wigwag to go to the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Photos from 2021:

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New foundations in place in February, 2021.
Photo by Hector Canales, c/o Ben Morgan.
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Cutover day - 3/9/21
Photo by John Ryan

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Just like the sign says, this is now Colorado's last wigwag.
Mike Morrey snaps this shot of the Delhi wigwag and the sign
he created last summer (2003).

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Another view by Larry Granfield. (10/99)
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New image provided by Mike Morrey (12/00)

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This one is located on "Public Road" in Delhi.
Seemingly out in the middle of nowhere!
Above photo by Mark Springer

For a map to Delhi, Manzanola and Rocky Ford, Click here.
(Locations may not be "exact")
I would like to thank Laurence Granfield for taking many of these
pictures during his road trip throughout the western states on 10/21/99.

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