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Canada Wigwags

Tilbury, Ontario
Google Street-View confirms these were removed sometime before 2013

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Gleeson Line crossing
Ken Garber sends us this photo and the following info:

"This is just east of Tilbury Ontario on the CN CASO sub (around mile 185-186 -
sorry don't have the exact) taken on 9/30/01 in the early morning.
A CN rail-train is approaching (with the last of the Leamington Branch) so the signals are running.
Didn't get a shot of the train in the shot this time - the rail train was the 'subject'. "

A video of these signals can be viewed on YouTube, posted by railfanca-
To view, click on logo below:

I'm just starting to get some new information on wigwags in Canada. Thanks to Timothy Organ for sending in info and pictures. It seems that there are at least 3 wigwags still in service on the Canada Southern Railroad that runs north of Lake Erie in Ontario Canada. Timothy explains more...

According to Dan Vernackt, these wigwags along with 2 others
were stolen sometime in 2001 (4 wigwags stolen within 2 weeks!)

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This set of wigwags is  located east of St. Thomas near Yarmouth ( in the old days the double track Conrail / C&O running rights crossing of the CN /N&W running rights:  Today it's the single track idle Conrail / CASO (Canada Southern) crossing the St. Thomas Eastern Short Line).  The photo above  was taken west old the diamond.
This is a double set of Western Railroad Supply wigwags. These were more common in the East, very rare on the West Coast.

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Timothy provides a little more history on this line:

I found the slide of the Chessie train heading east, (Photo below) approaching the working wigwag. 

Background:  The C&O / Chessie / CSX operated in Canada on two main routes in the province of Ontario. 

1. It own track Windsor / Detroit to St. Thomas, with a branch that ran from the main to via Chatman to Sanria. 
2. Running on trackage rights from St. Thomas to Fort Erie / Buffalo on the ex NYC / Conrail, now the CASO. 

CSX stopped running through trains a couple of years ago, with CP/CN running haulage trains to Chatman to interchange with what's left of the CSX Canada Division. ( the line from Sarnia to Chatman to the old C&O main). 

In the picture below, the C&O is now the only user of this former Conrail main.  The North track has been shut down and removed from service, with the ABS signals also removed.  The C&O operated normally one train in each direction from St. Thomas to Buffalo.  By the time this picture was taken, the C&O had also shut down it's own mainline from St. Thomas to Windsor, in favor of running on the old Conrail.( With this shut down the the C&O shut down their single track CTC line, along with a 8 stall round house, back shops etc.) Pictured is the daily eastbound heading for Buffalo,  and is about 30 minutes into it's eastbound run.  I think the mileage noted on the cross buck is 84.89 (this mileage is according to the CN timetable. / CN & CP took over the old Conrail in 1984/85) 

This section of the line current:  Wigwag is gone and replaced by crossbucks, line is not in service. 

For more on Canada Southern and a map of the route, check out this website.

Coldwater, Ont.
Not exactly a wigwag, but...
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Here's an interesting signal shot sent in by Clayton Lagstaff during a railfan outing near
Georgian Bay in a small community called Coldwater, Ont.  It consists simply of a metal casing
with a glass plate with a warning bell (US&S teardrop) on the relay box.
May 28, 1983. One of a kind?


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