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Washington State Wigwags
Washington State Wigwags


The last wigwag signal in the state of Washington is located in Pullman (eastern Washington, south of Spokane).
According to Erik Halstead (June 2017)...
"The ex-UP line between Pullman and Moscow is long gone. Virtually all track in Moscow is gone. 
The last shipper, just west of the state line, shut down, so there's nothing south of Colfax or Palouse except rusting rails.

Here are two photos from 2017...
Above 2 photos by Erik Halstead - 2017

Camron Settlemier sent in the following pictures and tells us about the location back in 2000:
"Here are some close-ups I took back in September of the wigwag inPullman, Washinton.
It is located on Kamiaken Street in Downtown Pullman. In one angle you can see the corner drugstore.
Unfortunately this store was completey destroyed by fire about a week ago. Trains run sporadically by this wigwag,
usually about twice a week each way. "
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Note adjustable lens and curved banner pie, typical of a UPRR wigwag.
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Because of the signal's unreliability, this crossing is regularly flagged.
Video capture by Marc Entze

Camron sent more photos of this wigwag:
Pullman 5
Pullman 7


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