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Wisconsin Wigwags  
Wisconsin Wigwags
Blue River


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This WRRS wigwag is located in Bloomer, located on  former CNW trackage
from Eau Claire to Superior (now UPRR).

Photo by Arlyn Colby (5/01)

Blue River
Retired - 2006
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This WRRS Harpes wigwag still survives in Blue River. Dave Hudson gives more info:

"I downloaded some of the FRA database info and queried it to get
Wisconsin units. I saw that there was supposed to be a wigwag in Blue
River which was close to where I was. I drove over and got the attached
shots. The signal is in Blue River, Wisconsin near the intersection of
County Hwy. T and State Hwy. 133. This Wisconsin & Southern line was
formerly part of the Milwaukee Road. It is the branch from Madison to
Prarie du Chien, Wisconsin. Since I'm an ICRR guy, I'll let you describe
the unit. Hope you can use the shots."

"I also ran into Paul Knutson. You have a link to Paul's collection on
your site. Paul told me that he has 5 wigwags in his collection. Paul
also mentioned that there is another operating wigwag in Avoca,
Wisconsin. Avoca is further east from Blue River, but it was too far out
of my way yesterday. I'll try again before the snow flies here."

Both photos by Dave Hudson (10/01)


Note - these wigwags were retired in March, 2006. WSOR increased the speed
limit through here and needed more adequate protection.

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Dave Hudson photo (9/01)

Dave Hudson writes:
"These two wigwags are located in Brodhead, Wisconsin at the 3rd Ave.
crossing of the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. This was the former
Milwaukee Road line from Janesville to Platteville and Mineral Point.
As you can see from the photos, the unit on the north side of the tracks has the bell."
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Dave Hudson photos (9/01)

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Dave Long sent this photo last year and wrote:

"I promised you a photo of a working wigwag in Brodhead, WI. It is
located 1 block West of Rt. 11, in downtown Brodhead. Attached is the photo. It
was taken 4/24/99. I mentioned in my previous email that Lima Center, WI has a wigwag
also. I saw in a newsgroup today that it is still there, but is blocked by a
new crossbuck put up by the Wisconsin Southern RR.
Also, I've discovered that the West Chicago, IL Fire Dept. has a
WORKING wigwag in front of their downtown station (W. Chgo has a rich RR
history). I've been told that the wigwag comes on when they get a call, to help
alert passing motorists to stop. If you would like it some time, I'll
get a photo of their wigwag."

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