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Wisconsin Wigwags  
Wisconsin Wigwags
Devil's Lake State Park

Vine Street   (Retired March 2016)

These two signals were removed from the Vine Street crossing on March 29, 2016. Both wigwags
have been donated to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom. Info provided by
Jeffrey Lentz, from the museum.

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One of the Vine Street signals being loaded for delivery to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum.
Photo by Jeffrey Lentz (2016)

From 2001...

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Photo by Chuck Knorr (2001)

Camron Settlemier sends in this photo taken by a friend that was on a recent
trip to Wisconsin. The wig-wags are located just a few blocks east of Hwy.
12 near the Baraboo River, and near a boarded up depot. According to
mapquest, this is an ex-CNW line.

Devil's Lake State Park
(Retired 2011)

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Photo by Keith Huebner (2001)

Two more WRRS Harpes style wigwags can be found at  Devils Lake State Park near
Baraboo, WI on the Wisconsin and Southern-ex C&NW line west out of Madison.
They are futher west up the line from the wig wags in Dane, WI.
Photo taken in April 2001.


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Photo by David Voss

In a state dominated by WRRS wigwags, this was quite a surprise to see... 
a double set of Magnetic Signal Company wigwags. Dave gives us more info on this location:

"I have attached 2 photos of wig-wag's that you do not have listed on your Wisconsin register.
There is also another set of them, but as yet I haven't found the crossing that they guard.
The reason that I finally found this set is I was chasing a train & happened to get lucky.
 This set guards the WC now CN Minneapolis Sub at MP 324.1  The guard what is called Road #3
and the name of the town is Eidsvold, if you want to call it a town anyway.
Its listed on the Wisconsin Gazetteer page 62 A 1.5  I was looking for a road that would
take me back to a great bridge shot when I found the wig-wag's."

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