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Wisconsin Wigwags  
Wisconsin Wigwags
-Kentucky St.
-Saemann Ave.
-Martin Ave.


Kentucky St.
These 2 wigwags were retired in 2006

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Brent Georgi sends in photos of 3 sets of wigwags in Sheboygan.
The first set is at Kentucky Street.
MP1.2 - South end of Sheboygan siding.
UPRR (ex-C&NW)

Saemann Ave.
These are Wisconsin's last 2 wigwags...

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This set is at Saemann Ave.
MP 150.28
UPRR (ex-C&NW)
Judging by the difference in mile-posts, I would guess
these are not at adjacent crossings.

Martin Ave.

Both retired as of 2016

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This set of WRRS Harpes wigwags can be found at Marin Ave.
Judging by the mile post # (MP 3.6), they must be close to the Kentucky St.
wigwags. These are at the north end of Sheboygan siding. Brent points out that
the middle section of the siding is now abandoned.

All 3 photos by Brent Georgi (2/02)

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