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JoDaviess County

(Retired 6/13)

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The following info and story was provided by Dave Hudson of Dubuque, Ia.

"There are a few of these left on the IC's Iowa Division. This one protects the S. Main St. crossing in Galena, IL. Another can be found further west in Epworth, Iowa on this line.

As a child, I remember begging my father to take me down to this crossing whenever I heard a train so I could watch it do it's magic. As I recall, this unit's bell was/is rather tinny & flat but you could still hear it from the depot. This was always the first indication that the "Land O' Corn" (#14) was coming into in town each morning.

I know of at least one more still in active duty. It is in Epworth, Iowa. I think there is another between Epworth and Waterloo also. I think there's one around Scales Mound, Illinois too.

There was another Wig-Wag unit in Dubuque, Iowa at the Cedar Cross Road crossing until the crossing was eliminated by a bridge in the early  90s. I'll keep an eye open!"

Dave Hudson
Dubuque, IA.

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S. Main St. Galena, Ill.
This is a Western Railroad Supply Autoflag with a 
Union Switch and Signal "teardrop" bell. Also note the reflective finish on the banner.

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Dave catches it in action in November, 2000 
as IC # 6017 rolls by.

Dave ads more location info:

W 90-25-53.1

The approximate IC mile post for the Wigwag in Galena is 166.

For a map, click here.

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Close up of motor box and banner.

All photos by Dave Hudson. 8/00

JoDaviess County
Aparently there was some kind of mechanical failure
with this wigwag. It was eventually retired.

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Caught in action by Dave Hudson on 4/10/01.

This signal is located about 4 miles from Galena (between Galena and Scales Mound). This is
another Western Railroad Supply Autoflag. It is actually in rural JoDavies County and guards
the Buckhill Road crossing. It's located at MP 160.78 (ICRR). Exact coordinates:
N 42-27-18.3
W 90-22-56.1
Dave Hudson adds...
"This one really should be photographed in the morning. I took these
shots in the early afternoon."

For a map, click here.

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Typical WRRS Autoflag with US&S "teardrop" bell.
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All photos by Dave Hudson (8/00)

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