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Keith Anglemyer updates us with the info that these two wigwags
were retired in April 2008.

2 more wigwags have been discovered by Keith Anglemyer on former
MoPac trackage in Winfield. This line is now owned by the Southern
Kansas and Oklahoma RR and sees about 2 round trips a week out
to the Rubbermaid plant in town. Both crossings have Magnetic Signal Company
upper quadrant wigwags. Another thing that Kansas wigwags seem to have in
common is the black painted banners. Keith sends us the following photos:

8th Street

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8th and Platter Sts. Keith Anglemyerphoto (10/02)

10th Street

A couple blocks down the street we find another Flagman...

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10th and Platter Sts.  Keith Anglemyer photo (10/02)
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Close up view of 10th St. wigwag. Note black painted banner and adjustable light.

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This shot shows the tracks as they run down the middle of Platter street to the south.
About 5 blocks from this location, the tracks make a gradual 90 degree turn to the left,
and head north through a city park and on to Rubbermaid.

On October 30th, 2002, Keith caught the 10th St wigwag in action...

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The pictures are taken of the train as it backs its way through Winfield after delivering full cars to Rubbermaid and picking up empty ones. This particular train had 2 cars and two engines. This photo shows the train as it first appears while backing down the line and heading toward the 10th street location. You can see the employee riding on the back of the car, watching out for traffic.
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Here is the second of the two engines, and the signal light shining brightly against the black engine of the SK and O Railroad.
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Finally, this photo shows the front engine in the crossing. The signal is still moving, but the light has already gone out before the engine finishes the crossing.

All photos and info by Keith Anglemyer (10/02)

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