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Watsonville wigwags
Wigwags from the Past

One of these two wigwags was knocked down by a truck
in June, 2001. The other was removed sometime after that and before
July, 23, 2001. Both wigwags are gone now...

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Here's the Santa Cruz Local creeping up at the corner of
Walker and Beach street in September of 1995.
Sam Reeves photo.

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These two wigwags lasted until summer 2001 at the Walker and Beach Street intersection. This is the beginning of the U.P. Santa Cruz Branch. Watsonville Junction is about one or two miles south of this location. Here the line runs down the middle of Walker St. There also used to be another wigwag south of here at 2nd St., but it was removed during the late 90's.
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Another view of Watsonville wigwags looking east. 

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Sam Reeves catches them in action on July 25, 2000.

Sam adds the following...

"The train is the Santa Cruz Local.  In
the back you can see the old 1897 depot built by SP, which is a classic in its
own right next to the wig-wags.  I guess I love that location in Watsonville
since its like walking onto a real-life model railroad.  Old depot, old
storefronts, modern locomotives, street running, and of course those fabulous
magnetic flagmen on Beach Street."

Sam Reeves

Sam Reeves Photography


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