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Northern Ca wigwags from the past  
Northern CA Wigwags
 From the past
Sacramento (Elvas)
Shingle Springs

Sacramanto (Elvas)

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These rare photos were taken by C J Barneyback in 1994. This wigwag protected
the private driveway to Elvas Tower. It was removed sometime between when these
photos were taken and 1999, when the tower was closed. The wigwag was operated
manually by the tower operator (by a switch labeled "wigwag").

Shingle Springs

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Shingle Springs is  located in Northern California just west of
Placerville.  Shingle Springs road runs south and west to Latrobe  This
is on the old SP - Sac Placerville Railway . It is currently owned by the
FEDS Railgroup ( Folsom, Eldorado, Sacramento. they are planning to open
a tourist line on these ancient tracks.

According to Grant, this wigwag was stolen. If you know more about
this signal, please email me.

Photo and text by Grant Vogel. (5/2000)


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