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Museum Wigwags/Pomona

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The Sellers Rd. wigwag in it's new place at the trailhead of the
new Banks - Vernonia trail.
Photo by Heather Murphy - 2010

In early 2010, ODOT Rail, Washington County, the City of Banks and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept completed a long anticipated project to re-align Sellers Rd. This eliminated the rail crossing at Sellers Rd. and provided a spot to build the new trailhead and provide parking. The wigwag was carefully restored by Michael Garrison, including the scratch-built banner that was on the signal during its last few years in service.  There are plans to replace it with a proper banner as soon as it is built. Stay tuned...

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Map shows the new alignment and location of new trailhead..

From the past...

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Sellers Rd. wigwag in 1999. The cantilever was cut short, likely because of
previous damage from passing trucks. Photo by Camron Settlemier.

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Another truck hit? - 2003, about the same time the Banks Rd. wigwag was knocked over.

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Sellers Rd. wigwag in 2008. Note replacement cantilever. This likely came from the
neighboring Banks Rd. wigwag after it was knocked down in 2003. Motor box was installed
on the center portion of the cantilever. Likely due to truck traffic on this road.
Photo by Stan Praisewater.

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Jim Abney provides this vintage view from 1968. Jim  says he was the regularly assigned SP&S fireman
crewing the VSP&S weekly trains and laid off one day just to take pictures. Glad he did!

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Jim also provides this photo of the Banks Rd wigwag from the same day.


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