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Museum wigwags/Harvey House Museum Belen
Harvey House Museum Park - Belen, N.M.

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From Rex Seedig:
Just to let you know, there is a working Wig Wag at the Harvey House Museum M.190 (Doodlebug) park at Belen, NM, which I just wired, along with two
 T-2 semaphore signals, a bi-directional H-5 Searchlight signals intermediate pair, and an old 8" light flasher.

I am a recently retired Signal Construction Inspector, 3rd generation Santa Fe (last 20 years, of course, BNSF) with 42 years service.

This wag came from a station called Escondida, about 5 miles north of Socorro, NM, on the El Paso Sub, and was removed from service in the late 90's. 
It had a DX-13 interlocking track relay.  I am attaching some pictures of the museum display.

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Two T-2 semaphores are on display next to the ATSF M 190

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Also included in the display are a bi-directional H-5 searchlight plus a highway flasher crossing signal

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Crossing schematic from where the wigwag came from in Socorro, NM

All photos by Rex Seedig (2016)



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