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Museum Wigwags/Glendale

This wigwag, located in Glendale OR is on display
next to the recently renovated (and moved) Glendale
depot. It is sitting out on the edge of the parking lot.
This is the same wigwag that once protected the
Mollie St./Southern Pacific (now CORP) xing.
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It seems that they also managed to save the relay box.
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Close up of signal. I doubt this operates right now. It appears that the banner was not attached properly.
This is a shot of the same signal when it was still in service. Kodachrome SD-9E 4377 passes by the 
Mollie St. crossing in 1989, a few years 
before SP dumped the Siskiyou line. 
Above photo by Don Buchholz  (12/89)

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