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Museum wigwags/Halton County radial Ry
Milton, Ontario
Halton County Radial Railway

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Union Switch and Signal "Automatic Flagman"

Ian Harris tells us about this wigwag on display...

"I know of two wig wag's in Museums up here in Canada. One is at the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Center's "Prescott Park" with their steam locomotive in Capreol, Ontario. It looks in rather rough shape.

The other one I know  about is at the Halton County radial Railway (HCRR) in Milton, Ontario. (Bout an hour and a half from Toronto). The HCRR is a streetcar museum that I am a member of. Their wig wag is in good shape and in working order. It is not in use. Currently it's just a static display pending wiring. Years ago when I first joined the museum, it was running, but when we changed the poles for our over head wire the wigwag was not rewired. It's one of those jobs on the long list of things to do. In the enclosed picture you can see the concrete footing for the signal box is ready and you can see  the signal box sitting in the field behind to the right of the wigwag and to the left of the pile of rail is sitting ready to be installed. Unfortunately keeping our streetcars running has kept us busy so we haven't been able to hook it up again."

Photo by Ian Harris (10/00)


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