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Museum wigwag/Hermiston
Hermiston, Oregon

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This is a wig-wag on display in a park in Hermiston, Oregon. The park is located
right next to the tracks going to Umatilla. There are a number of railroad artifacts
at the park including two ex-UP rotary snow plows, a couple cabooses, a semaphore
and of course the wig-wag. There is also the last wooden crossing arm used in Hermiston on display.
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I have no information about the wig-wag but presumably it is ex-UP and
used at one time in the Hermiston area. To my knowledge there are no longer any
active wig-wags left in eastern Oregon.

Photos and info by Camron Settlemier (2/00)

Camron may be right about the heritage of this wigwag. It has an adjustable
light housing, and Union Pacific seemed to use these more than other roads.-DF

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