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Museum wigwags/L.A. Live Steamers
L. A. Live Steamers
L.A. Farmers Market / The Grove Shopping Center
L.A., CA.

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Some very interesting replica wigwags showed up in 2002 on the
streetcar line that connects the historic Los Angeles Farmers Market
with The Grove Shopping Center near 3rd and Fairfax. It is said that
these 2 were designed by a designer from Disney Studios.
Glen Norman sent in these photos from 2002.

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The back sides of the wigwags are "grayed out".
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Front detail shot. Notice that most parts are smaller than 
the real thing, LED lights are used and a pinnacle added.

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The replicas use a motor/gear drive system. When they shut off, the banners
stop dead at whatever postion they are left at.

More info on the Farmers Market can be found here.

Photos by Glen Norman (2002)


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