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Museum wigwags/Laws
Laws Railroad Museum
Bishop, CA
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Laws wigwag as it appears in 2003. Fortunately some
heavy pruning was done to the tree. (see photo below)

Jim Downard supplies the following information:

"Well, I remember when they planted those trees. The wig wag is in need of being moved to a better spot. Also the side cover is missing on one side so total restoration will be needed to make it functional. I do not believe it was ever operational at its present location. The museum has a lot of old buildings from the Owens Valley area that have been moved there and restored. The laws station is there as well as one locomotive and quite a bit of rolling stock. All from the old SP narrow gauge that ran up the valley. The turntable, water tower, and oil tower are also still there. Also lots of old tractors and farming equipment. The SP had three narrow gauge steam engines that ran the line. One is in Laws, one is in Independence which is south of 
Bishop on 395, and one is in Sparks, Nevada. All are display only. Although for years there has been talk about resurrecting the line as a tourist attraction. If it had lasted a little longer it would probably be still in operation. The SP shut the line down in 1956."
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Laws wigwag as it looked in 1999. Completely treed in!
Photo by Jim Downard.


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