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Museum wigwags/Monweaqua
Moweaqua, Illinois

Wayne Stump sends in this photo and information about this find...

The signal sits to the north of a small 
building that used to be the Illinois Central freight house.  The 
freight house is now a museum that is being run by the Moweaqua 
Historical Society (I think).  Moweaqua is located about 16 miles south 
of Decatur, Illinois on U. S. Route #51.  The museum and wig-wag is 
located next to the old Illinois Central tracks on West Main Street.  
I'll try to attach a MapQuest map to give some idea as to the location 
of Moweaqua.

When the wig-wag was in use, it sat on a wedge-shaped concrete pedestal 
about five to six feet high.  I wasn't able to contact any member of 
the Historical Society, so I don't know if the wig-wag would be for 
sale.  The fact that it is set in a sturdy concrete foundation leads me 
to believe that it has found its final resting place.  Also, since this 
was the only protection for any of the crossings in the entire village 
of Moweaqua, and a lot of the good citizens realized that this 
particular crossing signal was rather unique, leads me to believe that 
it is probably a case of, "You may look, but you can't take it home!"

Photo by Wayne Stump (8/05)


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