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Museum wigwags/OERM
Orange Empire Railway Museum

OERM Wig Wag

The OERM is located in Perris California, 75 miles east of Los Angeles. They have a nice collection of wigwags that once served the Pacific Electric, Los Angeles Railway (LARy), and Southern Pacific. Notice the octagon cage "peach basket" above. The other is a wood pole mounted wigwag with a red banner. This was quite common on the LARy.   You see, the LARy was a thrifty bunch and they didn't want to be spending a lot of money on fancy signal equipment and extra poles to mount it on.  What they very commonly did was mount signals and wig-wags on the poles that held up the overhead wire since they were already there.  The OERM also has an extensive collection of streetcars and other railroad related equipment.
For more info on the OERM, check out their website.

More pictures...

OERM member Paul Krot sends in a photo album of OERM wigwag pictures.

Paul is also working on a page that features the new "Signal Garden".

OERM photos courtesy of Paul Krot


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